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The Botanical Bible

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The botanical bible: plants, flowers, art, recipes & other home uses. Hardcover book. The botanical bible is an elegant and comprehensive introduction to the beauty, diversity, and value of the botanical world. Author sonya patel ellis covers the evolution of the plant kingdom, the history of horticulture, basic botany, and more. Readers will learn not only how to garden and forage in six major climate zones but also how to make the most of their harvest through a series of recipes for savory dishes, sweets, and drinks. Ellis demonstrates how to use botanicals for beauty and health, with instructions for making essential oils, herbal remedies, floral scents, and natural cosmetics—and even explores the world of botanical artistry and crafts. Gorgeously illustrated throughout, and packed with information and hands-on projects, the botanical bible is the ultimate guide for aspiring gardeners, botanists, homesteaders, and more.

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