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annual dried flower subscription gift

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$ 93.50
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$ 220.00
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$ 93.50


calling all of my dried flower home decor enthusiasts, if someone you love enjoys dried flowers, especially switching out their decor per season, this is the perfect gift! 


  • what is it? it's a half a year or yearly program, billed upfront. either approximately every 3 months for half a year or every 3 months for one year, December, March, June, and September, the recipient will receive our new seasonal dried bunch. this allows them to have seasonal home decor without the fuss of curating or styling. we do the work, they enjoy the decor.
  • how does billing work? the total for 2 dried subscription bunches for half a year, with shipping is $93.50; the total for 4 dried subscription bunches, with shipping, for an entire year is $187
  • What is the recipient getting?  They will be receive one of three (their choice) dried seasonal bunches. In September we feature our 3 Fall bunches which include staple fall dried florals, in December, we feature our Winter bunches which will include staple winter dried florals, In March, we feature our Spring bunches which will include staple spring dried florals, and in June, we feature our Summer bunches, which will include staple summer florals. 

*As soon as the purchase is complete, we will send a printable gift card you can print and give to the recipient in an envelope. They can then contact us to schedule their first dried flower pick up (once they reach out to us the first time, we will contact them to schedule their pickups for future seasons). 

    *Note: this product cannot be used as a credit for other items or products in store. Gift can only be used for the subscription purchased.