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Microfiber Ultra-Soft Makeup Removing Towels

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Chemical Free Cleansing Luxuriously soft microfiber that is gentle on your skin. Whether starting the beginning of your day or preparing for bed, these skin cleansing towels are essential additions to your skincare routine. Also great for using with your favorite skin cleansers as you prefer, for an extra deep clean. Gentle & Thorough Skin Care Gently remove makeup, oils, and toxins from your face at the end of the day. Prep your Skin for Makeup & Product Application Soft towels gently exfoliate your face and neck as you use them. Lightly buffs skin to assist with smooth makeup application, and prepares skin for optimal absorption of skin creams and lotions applied at night. Ideal for All Skin Types Perfect for sensitive, mature, irritated, acne prone or problem-free skin!

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