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Bourbon Barrel Aged Cold Brew Coffee - Dark Washed Kenya

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A non-alcoholic barrel-aged coffee designed for sipping. Enjoy in the morning, afternoon, and perhaps the evening. Best served in a rocks glass over ice with an orange peel. Regent Coffee is the only coffee roaster producing Barrel-Aged Cold Brew Coffee in small batches. We use top-tier specialty coffee (fair trade/direct trade). 94pts on Flavorful, unique, memorable taste. Artisan Aging Process, done in-house, from raw materials to ready-to-drink bottled coffee. Stand-Out Packaging. Family-Owned Business, Asian immigrant owners. First Coffee Roaster in Glendale, CA. Cold Brewed with customized RO water. Tasting Notes: Dark cherries & dark chocolate; a lingering bourbon tone that melds nicely into a chocolate liqueur. Sip with your dessert.

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