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small seasonal fresh flower arrangement subscription

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the small arrangement is our entry level arrangement size, and while on the more petite side is, by far, the most popular subscription arrangement. this cutie is styled in our 4 x 3 inch glass vase and is filled with several seasonal flower stems and greens. your first subscription will include the vase. every subsequent subscription will include a bouquet of flowers styled in the vase that you can easily drop right in and enjoy. 

*Note, flowers in your subscription are mixed bunch but you will be able to send us color way preference and likes/dislikes in our subscriber intake form. 

deciding between a bouquet or arrangement subscription? the difference: all of our arrangements come styled in a vase by our team - they're perfect for those people who don't have their own vase and just want the ease of purchasing and placing their flowers at home.  bouquets, while also styled by our team, require subscribers to have their own vase and place the flowers in the vase within their space. 

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