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single fresh flower bouquet wrap

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meet our best-selling bouquet wrap! the single got this title for a reason—the number of seasonal stems you get, the perfect fit for many vases, and it's the right price. this wrap is popular for gift-giving as a thoughtful gesture and is the number one option in our flower subscription program making it ideal for your favorite flower spot at home.

what you'll get: a mix of our weekly seasonal florals and greens, singularly styled by our florists, wrapped in our signature style of tissue, kraft paper, and ribbon. every bouquet comes with the tips of the stems wrapped in recyclable hydration wraps, giving your flowers the hydration they need for the ride home.


first thing's first, place your flowers in water as soon you receive them! placement wise keep them in a cool spot, away from drafty places, and out of direct sunlight. want to get the most from your stems? here's how to maximize longevity:

  1. keep an eye on the water level, making sure all stems are in the water
  2. replace the water in your vase every two days
  3. remove individual flower stems as they wilt (some flowers will last longer than others!)
  4. trim the stems, at an angle, every two days.

How To Style

ideal for vase openings measuring 1-1.5 inches wide, our bouquet wraps come styled for you and are ready to pop right into your vase.