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large seasonal fresh flower arrangement

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gorgeous, chic, large enough to make a statement, yet versatile enough to fit on most table tops, our large seasonal arrangement takes the cake as our best-selling larger arrangement. it includes seasonal florals and greens, including several premium florals.

 choose from three different color palettes:

  • designer's choice: let us choose from the best of what we have each week!
  • romantic pinks: shades of pinks and purples
  • white & nude: shades of white, cream, nude, and beige

what you'll get: a mix of our weekly seasonal florals and greens, in your chosen color story, styled in a 9 inch tall x 5 inch wide glass vase filled with just enough water for the ride home.


first thing's first, as soon as you receive them, fill the water in your vase up so all stems are hydrated! placement wise keep them in a cool spot, away from drafty places, and out of direct sunlight. want to get the most from your stems? here's how to maximize longevity:

  1. keep an eye on the water level, making sure all stems are in the water
  2. replace the water in your vase every two days
  3. remove individual flower stems as they wilt (some flowers will last longer than others!)
  4. trim the stems, at an angle, every two days

How To Style

the large arrangement is best styled solo on a focal point table such as a foyer, buffet, or dining table. it's meant to impress and light up any room!