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Small Seasonal Arrangement Subscription (Subscriber September 2020)


Small Seasonal Arrangement Subscription (Subscriber September 2020)

$ 80.00

The small arrangement bouquet is perfect if you love having seasonal filler, foliage, and seasonal flowers at home but don't want the hassle of styling in the vase yourself.  *note: flowers will vary per subscription.

How it works:

  1. How often can I subscribe for? Subscribe for weeks or months at a time.
  2. Could I cancel? You can cancel anytime after the first three charges (includes free promos).
  3. How can I get my flowers? Pickup at the shop; or have them delivered to your door! Delivery prices are not included in price. See our delivery rates to get a better idea of your delivery price.   
  4. How often will I be billed? You will be billed weekly or monthly from the date you place your first order; future deliveries and pickups will be scheduled on those same order dates (as long as it's a business day).  
  5. What if I go on vacation? No stress. You can pause your subscription if you're going on vacation or change your delivery dates!