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Miami's Garcia Nevett Chocolate Nibs

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These on-the-go bags are filled with chocolates discs mixed with different flavors. 
The recipes were developed (and tested) by us and made right here in Miami!

PISTACHIOS _ Salted pistachios. Dark chocolate. Need we say more? It’s our new obsession.

CRUNCHY _ Crunchy honeycomb caramel. Dark chocolate. Is it getting hot in here? Look how they shine for you.

STRAWBERRY MERINGUE _ Homemade meringue. Organic freeze-dried strawberries. Dark chocolate. Can there ever be enough? Don’t stop me now.

CINNAMON PUFFED RICE _ Crispy puffed rice. Hint of cinnamon. What are you waiting for? Rice, rice, baby.

CACAO NIBS Organic cacao nibs. Dark chocolate. Did you say superfood? And then a hero comes along.

ALMONDS_ Roasted salted almonds, Dark chocolate. Is it snack time? Love is in the air.