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dried flower seasonal subscription (30% promo)
dried flower seasonal subscription (30% promo)
dried flower seasonal subscription (30% promo)
dried flower seasonal subscription (30% promo)


dried flower seasonal subscription (30% promo)

$ 65.00

**this week only get an additional 10% off your first order meaning you get 30% off your first order!**

Now through September 30, we are debuting and opening our seasonal dried flower subscription program with our new fall collection! If you love switching up your home decor with seasonal elements, this is the program for you.

  • Choose from our: dried bundles, single bouquet wrap (perfect for your vases at home), or our small and medium arrangements.
    • If you choose the bunches for your vases at home, the single bouquet wrap will fit a 1-1.5 inch vase opening and the bundles for your vases at home, they will fit a .75-1 inch opening.
    • If you choose the arrangements, please note, the vase will be delivered with the first shipment or delivery, but every delivery thereafter will just include the dried flowers arranged and ready for you to place in your vase. 


  • What is it? It's a yearly program, billed in seasons. Approximately every 3 months, September, December, March, and June, you will be charged for a new seasonal dried bunch. This allows you to have seasonal home decor without the fuss of curating or styling. We do the work, you enjoy the decor.
  • When will I be billed? You will be billed when you sign up, December 2021, March 2022, and June 2022.
  • How much will I be billed? This will depend on which subscription program you choose, but no matter what you will benefit from a 30% off your first subscription order, and then 20% discount off the retail price.
    • For example, if you select a single bouquet wrap that would regularly be $65, but your first order at 30% off will be $45.50 (before tax and shipping), and each order after that will be 20% off or $52. 
  • What am I getting? You'll be receiving one of three (and sometimes four!) dried seasonal styles in the subscription offering you select. The stylings for each subscription order will be timed to the season so that you can easily switch up the feel of your spaces to welcome summer, fall, winter, and spring!

*For your first subscription, please pick your bunch preference from the drop down. For future subscription charges (these are automatic), we will email you to confirm your bunch preference as soon as your charge goes through!