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double fresh flower bouquet wrap subscription

double fresh flower bouquet wrap subscription

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the double bouquet wrap is our most flower wrap, and is perfect the flower lover! it includes seasonal florals and greens for your home, curated weekly by our team. choose between the market bunch and the mixed bunch styles.

  1. the mixed bunch includes approx. 8 flower variations with flower filler and greens. flower variations change weekly depending on the seasonality and the "flower buy" that week. 
  2. the market bunch includes 2-3 different flower types mixed with greens and is meant for those that prefer to have more quantity of two types of flowers over variety of flowers. flowers vary and depend on seasonality and availability that week.
  3. the greens bunch includes 3-4 different types of mixed greens, no flowers, and is meant for those that prefer to have a longer-lasting pop of greens in their spaces. greens depend on the seasonality and availability each week. 


    first things first, place your flowers in water as soon you receive them! placement wise keep them in a cool spot, away from drafty places, and out of direct sunlight.

    want to get the most from your stems? here's how to maximize longevity:

    1. keep an eye on the water level, making sure all stems are in the water
    2. replace the water in your vase every two days
    3. remove individual flower stems as they wilt (some flowers will last longer than others!)
    4. trim the stems, at an angle, every two days.

    How To Style

    our single bouquet wrap fits most vases, especially those with an opening measuring 1-1.5 inches wide. it is the most popular bouquet wrap size in our flower subscription program and thus, the most popular size featured in homes around Miami! 

    want to learn more about how our program works?

    look through our subscriber information sheet here to read about the program and all the perks and read more details below. 

    • how often can I subscribe for? subscribe every week, every two weeks, every 3 weeks, every month, every two months, or every 3 months. 
    • could I cancel? you can cancel anytime after the first three orders.
    • how can I get my flowers? pickup at the shop; or have them delivered to your door! delivery prices are not included in price. see our delivery rates to get a better idea of your delivery price.   
    • how often will I be billed? you will be billed weekly or monthly from the date you place your first order, depending on your order recurrence. so for instance, if you signed up on friday for a bimonthly (twice a month) subscription, you'll be billed again two weeks later.  
    • what if I go on vacation or I'm out of town? no stress. you can pause your subscription if you're going on vacation via your account login! 
    • can I manage my own subscription account? yes! You can manage it by logging into with the same username and password you used to create your subscription account. from there you can skip orders, pause, cancel, or even change your credit card. 
    • what if I want to send my subscription to someone else one week? totally cool with this. just make sure you let us know and we will charge you for a delivery fee (if applicable). 
    • could I use my charge as a store credit for another item? yes, you can! call, email, or come in-store us to arrange your credit. 
    • what if I only like certain colors? we can certainly accommodate these requests just please let us know in advance so we can advise our team before they get to work!
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