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Buena Vista Blanche Candle


Buena Vista Blanche Candle

$ 36.00

Indulge in a subtle mix of zesty lemons and Asian sandalwood with our Blanche candle. Perfect for those much sought after moments of calm after refreshing your home. Burn this scent whenever you'd like to bask in a distinctly grounding take to a citrus classic.

Made in Miami with love and intention to ignite and amplify your own.

Comprised of USA soy vegetable wax (for a safe and sustainable alternative to chemically mass-produced wax), each candle is made with a cotton wick, essential oils, and flower essences. No toxic additives ever.

Practice good candle etiquette to ensure that your candle burning experience is optimally maximized.

12 oz hand poured soy candle // Net Wt: 8oz.
Approximately 80+ hour burn time