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HOL flower club

welcome to the flower club! we're in the business of elevating every day florals so you can imagine, this is our THING. how it works? subscribe to any of our flower products below and you're in. here are the details: 

  • you save 15% off regular retail pricing on your subscription flowers.
  • we deliver to your home or office (make sure someone is there to sign!) either every week, every two weeks, every month, or every 2 months. 
  • you'll get a special website code that lets you save 10% off all of our other flowers or gifts (every time). 
  • and you'll get exclusive offers and benefits, including invites to our flower club events. 

at house of lilac, we change our flower selection on the daily, dependent on what's freshest at market that day. so the best part is that you'll always receive a different variety of flowers. but there are exceptions to the rule:  

  • are you a brand looking for custom store flowers?
  • are you throwing an event at home and need a certain color scheme that week?
  • is your home terribly lit but you love flowers and would prefer more durable florals?
  • do you have cats and need inedible florals?

email us at and we'll prepare a custom order or accommodate your requests. 

things to know:

  • how do i pay? your card will be charged immediately upon order processing and will then be automatically charged on your next delivery date (either the next week, two weeks, month or two months). your card will be charged until you cancel (no refunds if you miss the cutoff).
  • do i get a vase? your bouquet subscriptions will come in a really adorable vase the first time and will be delivered as a bundle every other time. arrangement subscriptions come arranged in a vase and we do offer a vase buy back program so encourage you to take advantage of the excess (you can give the extra to our driver when he drops off). 
  • what if my flowers don't survive? at house of lilac, we give a three day policy for flower survival and will replace any wilted stems within that time. unfortunately, survival past that point can be dependent on many things, including weather, draft from open doors, ACs, and the amount of light and heat in a room (all things we can't control!). 
  • does someone need to be there to receive my flowers? YES. we live in miami and our policy is not to leave leave flowers outside unless we have consent (and this is a stretch and we won't ever advise it). have them delivered to your office if you're not home. or to your mom! flowers love cooler temperatures and thrive when they're in cool miami AC. *if no one is there to sign for your flowers, we'll have to charge a $5-$20 redelivery fee (depending on the delivery zone).