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Boho Modern Statement by Lauren Ashley


Boho Modern Statement by Lauren Ashley

$ 98.00

Lauren Ashley Patao brings her signature boho modern (with a touch of neutral color!) style to your home in our latest #HOLFindYourStyle collab capsule! This statement piece features:

  • one fan palm
  • one bleached palm 
  • one stem of pampas grass
  • nude bunny tail 
  • white gypsophila
  • ixodia
  • dusty pink eulalia 
  • sprig of lunaria

Available in bouquet form or in a white with brown speckle/terrazzo-ish ceramic vase. Vase measures 4.0 x 4.0 x 8.75 with a mouth opening of 1.75". Bouquets are made to fit dimensions of suggested paired vase.