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what's cookin' since launch + holiday plans

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it's already October (how?) and it's been an insane two weeks since we launched fall + winter 2016. hopefully, you were able to use our LOYAL20 discount off one box or bouquet order - if you weren't, go buy a bouquet or a gift box for someone and enter LOYAL20 at checkout for 20% off your order! (trust me, it's a steal of an offer and one that will end before the holiday madness starts - so go!). p.s., we deliver locally 3 times a week and ship within two business days of order processing - efficiency at it's finest!

onto more riveting topics than the presidential townhall debate i should probably be watching but can't get myself to listen to, first and foremost, my baby turned a year old last tuesday, which means that: 1) time has flown by and, as freaked out as I am to say, 2) my second child will be here in a little over two months. but we won't discuss that bc it gives me anxiety - i haven't had a baby shower yet and my house isn't ready. surprise. they're both projected for a month from now though sooo, positive thoughts all around (i'm all about this by the way but that requires a whole 65 other blog posts to discuss). 

second, our boxes were featured in Lonny Magazine in the team's fall editor picks (INSANE)!!!! died. like 75 times. check out the feature! it was a huge hard work pays off moment - one of the best of my career - and i'm sure it will be the first of many to come. 

and third (although I could really go on but I'll spare you a novel), we're gearing up for the holidays, which means that we've had to juggle getting regular orders out the door, client proposals, and new collection marketing, all while deciding between gingerbread gummies or cookies and winter pine or mulled wine scented candles. this is my FAVORITE gift season and we have so much in store for old and new clientele. we're set to launch later this month so stay tuned. 

in other personal news...

  1. i'm obsessed with Amber Interiors and her new shoppe. she's an interior designer based out of LA and I basically want to buy every piece she uses and features in her work and her store. one day. SOON. 
  2. i bought this cookbook from Ayesha Curry. And it's FANTASTIC. some great quick meals for anyone interested in weekday dinners. we've been cooking 5 days a week since alexander started eating human food and are always looking for great recipes and cookbooks. for anyone interested in this week's recipes: Sunday: Ina Garten's spaghetti and meatballs (the BEST recipe that's out there); Monday: traditional cuban chicken vaca frita (my husband's recipe but this one is pretty good, too); Tuesday: pre-made turkey burger patties from the Whole Foods butcher (this is our, "we are out of options, what do we cook that's not chicken" meal); Wednesday: chicken marsala (a friend's recipe); and Thursday: shrimp and grits from Ayesha Curry's cookbook. i'll report back on our thoughts in my next post. 
  3. i'm reading Eligible and just finished The One that Got Away. Both great, mindless, pretend-life reads. 
  4. i love love, love this ring, designed by my good friend and fellow office mate Ana Mari Ortega. you can see it on a human hand (my fingers) here


p.s., we're planning a bouquet give away next week so keep your eyes peeled!

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