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Vices that are OK to Keep

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Vices that are OK to Keep


1. Buying expensive shoes or bags

Ok, obviously this is a biased article. And disclaimer, I have expensive taste (sue me). But there really is something amazing about buying quality and I'm here to make a solid argument: it's longer-lasting, fashionable, and leaves you feeling like a million bucks. All three have held true for me every single time I splurge and purchase expensive shoes or bags (yes, first world problem and I am 100% grateful). Exhibit A: I own Chanel flats I've had in my closet for 6 years, and yes, they get used SO MUCH. I've stepped in puddles and mud with them and no, they don't stink for a pair of closed-toed flats (seriously, something that boggles my mind because all other flats stink after some serious wear-I see you Tory Burch). They still look great. I've taken them to the shoe repair once but quite honestly, they're the shoes that keep on giving. Exhibit B: I also own a Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag that I've had for 10 years (yes an entire decade) that has seen more of my life than most people I'm closest too. It's been worn through law school, numerous, countless flights and vacations, beach days, every day excursions, has NEVER been repaired, and is intact. 10 years you guys. And I can go on but I'll spare you these first-world justifications. So take this as whatever seal of approval you needed to buy those shoes or that bag. I promise, you'll never regret it (I haven't!). 

via Fashionphile

2. Trader Joe's ice cream sandwiches

I mean, If you haven't had these, get up right now, drive to your nearest Trader Joe's and do yourself the favor of purchasing a box. I swear, I work out just so I can eat an entire ice cream sandwich in my PJs watching the Real Housewives of _________ (insert city). The chocolate chip cookie is delicious, the ice cream is on another level (because Trader Joes ice cream is insane on its own, by the way) and to boot, there's a chocolate chip border! It's an experience worth the calories. 

3. An occasional bottle of expensive wine or top-shelf liquor

I don't feel like I need to justify this but if you've never drank expensive wine or liquor before, bye, we can't be friends. You taste the difference. And the difference is worth the money you pay for. Head to your local liquor store and buy yourself a nice bottle of something stat. 

4. Occasionally (like once a week?), watching Netflix until your brain is numb.

Trust me, you need it. You need it for your soul, you need it for your sanity, and you need it because it's 2020 and you deserve to basque in the evolution of your generation. I mean, seriously, why be born in this day and age if not to enjoy the gifts 21st century technology has given you? You deserve it, boo. 

via Complex

5. Last minute vacations. 

DO IT! Why not start living life with 2020 vision - think: will I regret this vacation if I take it? Never. Will I regret this vacation if I don't take it? ABSOLUTELY. Vacations are amazing on so many levels (relaxing, disconnecting) but most importantly, they give me the opportunity to think clearly about life, both business and personal. It's invaluable time to make your life better in so many ways. And if you have a last minute opportunity to take a vacation, justify taking it by knowing that you need it and flat out, won't regret it. 

 photo via moi Harbour Island, Bahamas

6. A good hydrafacial or massage.

Or spa day for that matter. We all deserve to treat ourselves to good skin and relaxation. Quite frankly, you should schedule both into your calendar months in advance starting today because if you don't, you probably won't take advantage of the opportunity to treat yourself (you will make excuses, trust me). I made it a point last year to schedule all of my beauty appointments in advance, so I wouldn't find other things to do (ahem, work) instead of making it to my manicures and my blow-out appointments. And this year, I'm prescheduling all of my facials so that I don't have to think twice about putting myself (and my face) first. 


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