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there’s less than a week until halloween and there is so much to do - finish costumes, map out trick-or-treating routes, and do our very best to carve moana scenes into oversized pumpkins (on top of everything else we have going on). for working parents, it’s hard enough to keep it together on a normal day, let alone the second biggest commercial holiday of the year. adding halloween health to the equation just seems like another to-do that will never be checked off the list.

as a company, we pride ourselves on helping people make healthier choices, by curating high-quality products with the most natural ingredients. we wanted to share some inside intel on approaching halloween in that wholesome way, so we asked nimika patel, do-it-all mom and ACE-certified health coach/personal trainer, to share a few secrets for a healthier halloween. here’s what she said.


avoid overly processed sweets

stay away from overly processed, chewy and hard candies. they just have too much sugar and stick to the teeth. opt for natural candies that are additive and preservative-free. they should have no more than five to ten ingredients, and the first ingredient on the package is always the main ingredient. if sugar is listed first, the candy is mostly sugar. if it’s third or fourth, you’re good to go. the fewer ingredients on the package, the better, and you should know exactly what the ingredients are when you read them.

chocolates candies are best


don’t take the fun out of the day by depriving your kids, but gear them towards bite-sized chocolate snacks like hershey’s kisses. they’re perfectly sized and come in white, milk or dark flavors. give them two or three and have them brush their teeth right away. 


create a sweet schedule


after the day is done, designate one day a week to enjoy leftovers. on an average day, your kids’ diets are already FILLED with sugar (in foods like granola bars, milk, and yogurt). balance their diets with non-sweets like cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, pretzels, or veggie straws.


make halloween a teaching moment 

as parents, we’re here to educate our kids. instead of treating halloween as a cheat day, make it educational. have your children divide all the candy they want in two ziploc bags. one bag will be for chocolate candies and one will be for sugary sweets. ideally, the chocolates will be reserved for “once in a while”, while the sugary sweets can be eaten more often, but sparingly. talk through the contents of each bag and provide the guidance needed to make good choices. the unwanted candy can be donated to charity.
we hope you find these tips helpful. for more health hacks from nimika, email her at suryahealthcoach@gmail.com. if you’re still not sure what to look for when candy shopping or halloween gifting, we’ve done the leg work for you with our celebrate box. filled with natural candies like cookies and cream chocolates and hand-made caramel chews, they make perfect halloween gifts (or substitutes for the not-so-good snacks). most importantly, they taste amazing! your kids won’t even know they’re better for them (win win!)




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