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The (White This) Way to Styling an Entire Living Room with Amazon Home 

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The (White This) Way to Styling an Entire Living Room with Amazon Home 


Let’s face it. Home decor can get really expensive and time consuming, as can the itch to redecorate every five minutes once you realize rattan or pink velvet are no longer a thing. Or maybe it’s just me.

And while the occasional field trip to Target can be as tempting and exciting as an exotic beach vacation, you’re not always guaranteed to find exactly what you’re looking for (shocking, I know). And say you do, then there’s the hassle of having to lug everything back into your car, fight someone for a parking spot closest to the shopping carts so you can unload, wheel yourself in and hopefully wait less than 20 minutes at the customer service desk to make your return. And then, you’re right back to where you started.

So while, Target, we love ya, we’ve got things to do and need IG. No, not Instagram. Okay, that too. But Instant Gratification. (And convenience. AND affordability.) Is that too much to ask?  Not if you’re Amazon Home or, if you’re really spoiled, Amazon Prime

It’s brilliant, if you ask us. You search what you want from the comfort of your couch. Then, you make sure the dimensions fit the space you’re looking to make over (sorry, you’re going to have to get up and walk/do a little measuring for this one). You can even make sure it looks okay by holding your phone or laptop with the photo of the item up next to the area you’re planning to put it. See? Genius. Achieving dream decor status has never been this simple

And to make it even easier, House of Lilac has partnered with @WhiteThisWay for fall living room decor inspo, all courtesy of Amazon Home.  And you guessed, we're styling a living room, right from the couch, while barely moving a muscle. Cue fast, convenient, budget-friendly shopping spree in three, two, one… 



Tufted Velvet Couch

Lounge Chair

Coffee Table

Side Table

Light Fixture





Adriana Infante is the founder of @WhiteThisWay an in-house product styling company that helps clients design spaces to reflect their personal styles and needs by harmoniously combining simplicity and tidiness to create a stylish, yet functional home.


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