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20 ways to happiness

we're always game for a theme and as we gear up for the international day of happiness, this month's subject guessed it. if you're busy adulting, happiness might feel like an afterthought, but we're not about that life. we think it's a practice, a choice and a lifestyle that's accessible to everyone so here are twenty tried and true methods to stay out of the blue. 

1. quiet the mind

meditating is so #ontrend right now, but for good reason. with work, life and our constant connection to technology, our synapses are on fire. how can we even know what we're feeling when we're continuously overstimulated? even one minute per day can shift your mood. if you're new to mindfulness, user-friendly apps like headspace and insight timer break down the practice, step-by-step. 

2. smile. it's contagious.  

it might sound obvious, but something happens to your brain when the corners of your mouth turn up. if you have to fake it at first, do it and eventually, you'll be flashing those pearly whites with gusto. it's science. google it. practice around your house or when talking to strangers. you can even incorporate smiling exercises into your meditation practice.  

3. move around

chalk it up to the endorphins, but it's hard to not feel good after sweating it out for an hour. our current workout of choice? buddha shack yoga. their buddha burn class is the perfect combination of cardio, strength training, flow and hip hop (all things that make us really freaking happy). 

4. let it out

who knew journaling would be a thing past high school? but we're not complaining. use it for catharsis or the first stop to your dreams. if you write it, it will come (or at least bring you one step closer). check out the law of attraction planner, a journal/planner combo, chock full of manifesting mojo that's easy to understand and practice.

5. spoil yourself

whether it's a mani/pedi, luxurious bath or walk outside, self-care comes in many ways. whatever you need to do to relax and re-set, do it because WTF not?

6. lean into your love language 

if physical touch is your thing, get to cuddling. if time spent fills you up, pencil in some QT with your loved ones. it's your thing. do what you gotta do. 

7. try some stuff 

learn mandarin, go skydiving or go to a class that sparks your creativity. if you're not growing, you're stagnant and that's just not cute.  

8. love on a furry friend

if you're not pet-friendly, feel free to fast-forward, but we're totally pup-obsessed. an hour at the dog park or cuddle sesh with man's best friend is a surefire way to send away the sunday scaries and remind you how beautifully simple life can be. 

9. learn some things

podcasts are our favorite methods to stay woke. we listen while we work, drive and prep. our faves (include, but are not limited to): that's so retrograde, how i built this and this american life. now get after it. 

10. experience nature

TFW when you listen to the crash of the ocean or feel the warmth of the sun. it's easy to forget that the world we live in is nothing short of amazing, so get out there and be all up in it.   

11. talk to strangers

forget what your mother told you. making eye contact and starting a conversation with someone you don't know breaks up the routine of everyday life and reminds us that we're all connected.   

12. give back

the world might seem like a hot mess right now and you might be unsure of where to focus your energy so start small. give a sensible donation to an organization you can get behind or help an elderly person with his/her groceries. one act of kindness is enough to cultivate inner and outer joy. 

13. detach 

attachment to outcomes is the quickest way to lower your energy. it's life. stop trying to control it. focus on the experience of what you want to achieve rather than the result. you either win or you learn so what are you so scared of? 

14. be a resource

dying over the nextflix special you binged on over the weekend? still dreaming about the meal you whipped up last night? share it. share all of it! when you add value to others, you see value in yourself so text that recco to anyone who will be into it. our recco? netflix's new and improved queer eye! you need this in your life. you can thank us later. 

15. be present

instead of laboring over what happened yesterday or stressing about the future, focus on what's right in front of you. look out your car window, listen deeply to those speaking and pay attention to your surroundings. life isn't meant to be lived inside your head. 

16. show love

thinking about someone? let her know. a hand-written note or personalized gift spreads that warm, fuzzy feeling.

17. be social 

pencil in a girls night whenever you have a minute. whether it's a book club, wine and cheese or a craft session, sometimes a concentrated dose of unconditional love is all you need to raise your vibes.

18. compliment someone 

feeling something about someone? tell them! even if it's something random like the way they smile. they'll appreciate the gesture.

19.  elevate your mood

our mind/body connection is legit. serve up a smoothie with add-ins like maca, cacao and chia seeds that act as natural mood stabilizers. 

20. believe 

life isn't a one-woman job. call on the universe, energy, God or whomever you speak to when you lie in bed at night for a little extra TLC.

have all the feels? spread the love with our gift happy collection. use the code GIFTHAPPY for 20% off until march 20th. 


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