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first off, christian arevalo, you and genesis (his adorable wife) are THE BEST. not only is christian uber talented, he came to visit us at the space and as an added bonus, took these amazing photos for us. thanks for making this post a reality!

this space, really fell from heaven. we finished off our last lease this past april and, after I had margot, i made this decision to cut overhead and work out of my garage (i'm laughing right now just thinking about this amazing idea. literally). we had just moved into the house and had this 600 square foot garage that was totally usable. mind you, our house has no other storage space besides this garage but, that wasn't apparent at the time because i had this grand, amazing idea to SAVE MONEY. fast forward two weeks of working surrounded by storage (oh and no AC - that was the three month plan), my 16 month old and 2 month old, wrapping bouquets on my kitchen counter, and having a "my life is too unstructured" anxiety attack every 5 minutes, my husband begged me to go look for a new space. and because my sanity, my marriage, and motherhood is of much higher value to me than my rent, i called the first realtor my mom recommended (she'd dealt with him through a client in the past), "just to see if it's worth it" - within two days i was walking through the shop door.  

it was an eyesore. there was absolutely no flow, there were cockroaches in the bathroom, and the floor was a weird vintage pink. it also had very unattractive and weird carpeting. the landlord couldn't rent it and the realtor really only showed it to me as a second option because I had described a shop vision along the lines of "a space with a store front door but not like a real store front because i want to make my own hours." (i was his favorite person, trust me). but because i had just spent two years renovating my house and think i'm an hgtv expert, i said, in very joanna gainesish style, "i'm into the vintage pink. if you could knock down this drywall to open up the space, replace the toilet and sink in the bathroom, and paint the floors concrete, i'll take it." fast forward two hours, "the landlord will do everything you ask for. it's yours." 

post signing the lease: 

 1) i find out my landlord's daughter, whom i went to high school with, is really my property manager (she's the sweetest human ever) and is now a great client

2) we painted the space white with a hunter green wall because i'm having a hunter green moment

3) i meet my amazing car mechanic neighbors who we're supposed to sublease dumpster space from but they refuse to charge us anything so we basically dump our excessive daily garbage for free

4) i invest in custom work tables with a carpenter in the area - this was a necessary investment on my part after 2 years of makeshift ikea tables that didn't function for our work flow. plus, i wanted to design a table that would be ideal for floral design and workshops. and that required a certain height. 

5) i meet lina from the empty apartment, who is god sent. she met me, got to know me and the brand, our work, what i like, what i don't, what "joanna gaines" envisioned for the space, and literally picked every piece for me within my budget. she's a gem, made me invest in things i'm so happy i invested in, and my office would be bare and so not cute without her. yes, i could have done it on my own but it would have been completed in 2045. and no, that's not ok. 

6) we replace most of my ceiling tiles and paint the shop door black (it was a worn out silver). clarification: "I" did not do these things. my dad is a contractor - perks of a contractor dad: he sent the most helpful people my way and we're now bffs. 

still pending: custom shelves for the general work area. but we'll get there! enjoy...




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**editor's note: natalie is the force behind Up The Get Up. do yourself a favor and visit her blog asap and follower her on instagram @upthegetup. her instagram stories are where it's at - everyday she takes you on her online shopping adventures & the girl knows how to navigate an online sale. your welcome in advance!**

I'll be honest - today's post ventures dangerously close to the three's a crowd border, but for my own sake I maintain that it resides in a three's company-esque territory. When you get a duet as good as House of Lilac (premier gifting company specializing in high-end, curated gift boxes and bouquets) and Mandolin Aegean Bistro (you know, that little piece of the Aegean tucked away in the Miami Design District that serves the yummiest Greek & Turkish cuisine), how's a girl supposed to hold back from weaseling her way into that duet to make it a trio (even if said trio only exists in said girl's mind)?

Mandolin is one of my favorite restaurants in Miami (it's where I had my bridal lunch!) because as it rightly points out, it's a place to "feed your body and soul." Combine that with my favorite soul-enriching activity made easy and fabulous by House of Lilac - gift giving - and you have one of the most prized collaborations to date. 

The product of the collab between HOL & Mandolin are the Mandolin Market gift boxes (peep all four below). Resembling the likes of something you would see on the glossy pages of a Mykonos-inspired Condé Nast Traveler spread, the beautiful boxes are filled with gourmet goodies from the Mandolin Market, a bodega of sorts where owner Anastasia Koutsioukis (Mrs. Mandolin) sells specialty items imported from Greece and Turkey. The best of these have been selected for the HOL gift boxes, which offer different varieties of artisanal food products (Greek olive oils, herbs and spices, homemade hot sauce, etc.), cookbooks and handcrafted ceramics. 

The byproduct of the collaboration is where I come (forced myself) in: two looks to make you look like a Grecian princess and Mandolin regular, a yearning to move to Miami to take advantage of the HOL pantry-makeovers-in-a-box, and a burning desire to go to Greece and live out my Mamma Mia! destiny

Eye Clutch - Jessica Butrich// Blue Pom Pom Earrings - Mercedes Salazar// One Shoulder Top - Ulla Johnson// White Cropped Pants - Tibi// Yellow Eye Slides - Sam Edelman// Lapis Gold Palm Earrings - Nicola Bathie// Yellow Straw Clutch - Mar y Sol// Blue & White Dress - Miguelina// Pearl Leather Sandals - Ancient Greek Sandals


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gourmet candy is a game changer


my sweet tooth is intense. I love all things sugar and candy is my ultimate happiness.  I crave candy all. day. long. so working at house of lilac, you best believe I indulge in our own inventory more often than I like to admit. and let me tell you, when I discovered the difference in gourmet candy, it was game changing. the flavors are stronger, the texture is smoother and the candy is just so much better. you truly taste the difference! our quality of candy is one of things house of lilac prides itself on, and I can attest as a true life candy lover they are out of this world. here are some of my favorites.

If I had to choose my all time favorite candy family, it would be the gummy variety and to be ultra specific, the sour gummy. my life has never been the same since trying sugarfina’s heavenly sours. the name says it all. it’s like eating a gummy with the flavor of a freshly pressed juice. it’s so good! we carry sugarfina champagne bears, heavenly sours, and mama and baby bears. we find excuses to put them on everything because they rock!

another one of my favorite’s is the quin line. quin's dreams come chew is starburst on steroids. even the yellow and oranges are good. let’s just say, one of our bags in our inventory expired and I totally devoured it (insert hands over face emoji!). don’t underestimate quin candy because the craving will take over you!

I love a good coupling and it the candy world, there’s nothing like the salty sweet duo of chocolate and something salty and fatty sundays' line really gets it. this isn’t your average pretzel covered in chocolate. we carry two flavors – cookies and cream and sprinkles! these are new to us (we just started carrying them for spring and summer) but it’s been the best addition, and honestly, you can never go wrong with the salty sweet pairing.

writing this just got me seriously craving candy – the good type!

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flower bouquets aka happiness delivered!

flower bouquets aka happiness delivered!


one of the reasons I love my job is the sweetie-pie notes people send with bouquets. now, that I work at house of lilac, I find so much inspiration from the thoughtfulness of others. It really is the sweetest thing to see how caring and considerate people are. there is something about being delivered flowers, that never fails to bring smiles. so for this reason, I thought I would share some inspiration with you and encourage you to make someone’s day, including your own! 

it’s my favorite thing seeing reactions from people when they receive their bouquets. the combination of happiness and surprise is so fun to witness. The first question is typically “who sent these!” followed by “how sweet”, “they didn’t have to!”. there is something special about knowing someone took the time to order you flowers and think of you in such a nice way! whether it is to gift your aunt with a bouquet for her birthday, celebrate a promotion, anniversary, get well or just because you are thinking of them there are no shortage of reasons to make someone’s day shine brighter! It’s a guaranteed smile.

now, that I have flowers all the time in my home, I can personally attest to how something so small can add so much happiness to your soul. I have always been into flowers, but they were always so out of reach. the selection at my grocery store was bleak and I never made the effort to try a street vendor (nor was I ever obsessed with the selection!). enter – house of lilac bouquets. having such access to these flowers with House of Lilac, every week these flowers make my house a home! seeing my house look so adorable and fresh, makes my heart do a happy dance. so do the ultimate gifting and treat yourself (and your abode)!

get your Friday bouquet by ordering before 11AM today!

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partner spotlight: palermo body

at house of lilac, we pride ourselves in our sourcing skills as it pertains to the highest quality of gifting and carrying only partners we truly love. our inventory closet is a reflection of our favorite things, our own little curated version of our gift dreams. we are starting a new series on the blog where we are highlight our partners and give a some insight into why we chose to work with them. first up, Palermo Body!


first a little background on this #girlboss run brand - Palermo Body is a collection of truly natural skin care products made by hand in small batches by founder jessica morelli. she formulates each product  consciously by choosing every ingredient with purpose, and mindfulness of its benefits to your skin and effect on the environment. all Palermo body products is made and packaged with attention and style in brooklyn, new york. bonus, she is a total sweetheart! she’s a wonderful partner.

we love featuring Palermo Body in our beauty, spa, and bath boxes. in other words, this is totally a brand for a treat yo’ self type of day where you focus on all things health + beauty. Palermo Body is the culmination of all things, house of lilac loves. from creating unique formulas, beautifully designed packaging, to being environmentally conscious of where ingredients are scoured.

you can #netflixandchill with your vitamin c clay mask on and your skin will look luminous! we love using this the night before a big event to really look and feel our best. another product we can't live without is the rose soaps, which evens our skin tone and leaves skin silky and moisturized after a shower. our favorite product is the botanical facial steam. almost too pretty to use, the botanical facial steam works by adding hot water to the floral mixture and the concentrated herbs will release their healing properties through the steam it creates. the warmth will open your pores, allowing your skin to fully receive the benefits the herbs have to offer. you can almost feel your skin thanking you afterwards! we have tested and tried all of the Palermo products and we know you can’t go wrong with these natural holistic remedies for your skin and soul!


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Baby Love Luna


 Perfectly Baked onesie

For Part 2 of our collaboration interview series (we kicked off the series with this interview with Orchard + Olive, our home vendor), we sat down with Cristina Bustamante, founder and owner of Baby Love Luna, our favorite children's boutique and our go-to baby vendor for House of Lilac Baby Box collaborations. I'd be lying if I said she wasn't a catalyst to my having the guts to found House of Lilac (and leave a pretty steady law job) and she's still one of the best retired lawyer/working mom/entrepreneur resources ever. Keep reading to find out the inspiration behind her brand, her secret to being a mompreneur, and what's in store for the future of the adorable online boutique. 

Tell me a little about yourself and Baby Love Luna.  

My name is Cristina and I am a lawyer turned mom turned entrepreneur.  I was working at a small firm in Coral Gables, FL when I had my first child, and my husband and I made the decision that I would stay home to raise our daughter.  Fairly quickly came our second daughter, and in a blink of an eye came our son.  Baby Love Luna is a representation of my life with three kids.  My oldest daughter, Blake, was fascinated with the “luna” when she was a baby.  We would go outside and look for it and her smile would melt my heart.  We still look for the luna anytime we are in outside after sunset, it’s our family thing.  It’s all my favorite brands and styles that I have found along the way, and we keep growing.

How the concept/idea came about.

I always knew I wanted to start a business.  I originally wanted to produce my own children’s pajamas.  I had limited production experience.  I decided on a baby and children’s store because I was constantly getting asked where my kid’s clothes came from, or getting phone calls about what moms to be should get to prepare for the baby on the way.  It became clear that a store would be the perfect business for me.

What kind of brands do you carry and why? How would you distinguish your buying from other baby/kids websites?

We try to primarily carry brands that are organic or made from high quality material. We also focus on clothes being practical for the every day.  Things that aren’t just cool or pretty but won’t itch or squeeze them.  I think kids love clothes to reflect their personality but even more so kids love to be comfortable.  I think that’s what distinguishes us from other stores.  We try to specialize in comfort.

Favorite brands. Be honest! And explain why.

This is a hard question.  I have to go with Mini Rodini.  Their prints are consistently out of the world cool.  Every season it gets better and better.  It’s so whimsical and fun.  To top it off it’s organic and environmentally conscience.  

NUNUNU is also a favorite because I feel like they paved the way for the cool kids. They always surprise me with their style.  They find a way to make clothes totally edgy but beyond comfortable for the kids to wear.  This season they came out with a Ninja shirt, and my customers say their kids cannot get enough of it.

Children of the Tribe.  Out of Australia and have nailed boho chic for babies and kids. Their line is full of love and positivity.

Are there any must buys for new moms?

The Aden + Anais Serenity Star is a must.  It works as a night light, clock, plays music and even tracks feedings.  It does so much, and when you’re a new mom you appreciate things that do so much.

What are your gift go-tos?

My gift go-tos are any of the NUNUNU onesies or playsuits.  They make such great gifts and typically the new mom isn’t buying this for herself because she’s focusing on other necessities.  I also love to give the Perfectly Baked 'Fresh Outta the Oven' onesies, because I can’t get enough of those.  So adorable.

Do you offer any special services or collaborations?

We offer a styling service for some of our customers.  A lot of our customers are working professionals and don’t have a lot of time for shopping.  For those who have contacted us and we send them a monthly basket of 4-5 items depending on what they have budgeted of our “must haves” for their babes.  We also do baby gift baskets for hospital delivery or ship anywhere in the US.  

We have also collaborated with House of Lilac and help them prepare some of the most fabulous baby gift baskets we have ever seen.

How do you manage being a mom and business owner day to day.

I try really hard to find a balance.  I prioritize and figure out what needs to get handled that day.  I never want my kids to feel like they are second place, so I make sure there is an activity for them every day where it’s just about them.  I can work on the business at night when they are back in bed.

Toughest part about being a mompreneur and momboss.

Finding that balance.  It isn’t easy.  Some days I have to work on the business more than my kids would like.  Sometimes my kids are sick or there’s an emergency and I can’t even touch the business for a day or two.  I end up feeling guilty.

Best part about being a mompreneur and momboss.

I feel proud.  I started a business and we are about to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. My daughters watch me, they offer to help, and they tell anyone that will listen about mommy’s store.  I feel like I am showing them they can do anything they want to do if they work hard.  

What’s in store for the future of Baby Love Luna?

We are growing every season.  We are bringing in new brands and new categories.  We are soon going to have a nursery section where we will curate a great selection of nursery decor and other accessories.  Stay tuned. Continue reading

The His Gift Box

Whoever said a "Man Box" couldn't be done, doesn't believe in the power of cocktails and cocktail accessories. 

  1. Purpose: style a gift our clients can send to male clients, a special male in their life, or quite frankly, themselves (it's that good). 
  2. While sourcing, we thought "what do most men like?" Men are pretty simple creatures, so the research behind this wasn't too difficult. The obvious answer was alcohol of all sorts - wines, liquor (whiskey being a sure bet), beer, the list goes on. 

So we thought, let's create a "Man Box" that will knock the socks off males across the land. And we did. 

Items sourced and why

  1. Copper Mug - Because who doesn't love drinking out of a copper mug, especially one sourced through Orchard + Olive.  
  2. Jacobsen Salt Co. Nut Chews - Because nuts and alcohol are always a good idea (regular mixed nut tin option also available if the chews aren't your type). 
  3. Rifle Paper Co. Cocktail Recipe Cards - Because documenting favorite drink concoctions is always a good idea. 
  4. Dram Apothecary Manhattan Cocktail Kit - Because it was too good to pass up on. Includes pine syrup, branded cherries, bitters, and a cocktail recipe. Makes about 8-10 cocktails. 
  5. and the optional cherry on top - 750 ml Bulleit Bourbon - The key and missing ingredient to a true Manhattan cocktail. 

The perfect addition to office or home barware collections, order yours for November delivery/shipping by clicking here or emailing us at

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