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series: why you should gift // the ‘with love’ box

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many times in my life, i have found myself in the scenario of wanting to give a gift to someone who needs a little love but having no idea what is ‘appropriate’ or ‘thoughtful’ given a circumstance. some personal examples are the times i want to show sympathy, condolences or support to someone going through a tough time. problem is, i usually get discouraged when i can’t figure out what to get them and then it just never materializes and i find myself regretting it. i know “it’s the thought that counts” but let’s be honest, a gift really turns that frown upside down, at least for a tiny bit.

when we were brainstorming the new collection, melanie and i thought long and hard about these situations because we were often asked for custom gifts regarding the aforementioned situations. the result of all this deliberation -  our ‘with love’ boxes (standard + deluxe). the thought behind the products in this box are items that fill the soul with love and the feeling of home and comfort. we wanted the box to include a snack for any mood which is why it includes a treat for all types of cravings - salty (jennifer’s homemade breadsticks), healthy (kith & thyme rosemary thyme granola), or candy (quins ‘dreams come chew’). the upgraded version goes a step further and includes a candle (tatine’s moonlight mile) and chocolate (cacao art’s chocolate rice crisps). and like all our gift boxes, they each come with the ‘fresh flower’ option for an added $30. to me, the add on is a no brainer. it gives that “WOAH” factor to an already “WOW” box and having something fresh in your home or office is actually clinically proven in studies to positively affect your overall mood and wellbeing.

so why should you gift our ‘with love’ box?  because someone needs that little reminder that you are thinking about them and have gone out of your way to make them smile. to me, a thoughtful gesture is the best medicine when i am feeling down. so go for it - make someone’s day!

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