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Selling Your House? Here's What A Pro Home Stager Needs You To Know

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Selling Your House? Here's What A Pro Home Stager Needs You To Know

In today’s market, a buyer wants to buy a home, not a house. And they want instant gratification. That’s the new real estate axiom that drives the market.

“A home, not a house, and NOW”.

But when we try to offer that, the problem we encounter is that today’s demanding buyer just isn’t capable of visualizing how that beautiful empty spec house you just built will look with all their beautiful furniture in place. And you homeowners, if you’ve been living in your home for years, and are lovingly displaying all the knickknacks, kid’s art and numerous artifacts that your family has so tastefully accumulated, are probably going to see your buyers looking more at your clutter than at your home.

To compete successfully in today’s market, you, the Owner or the Realtor must put yourself in the eyes and minds of your potential buyers. You must convert that house into a home, and not just any home, THEIR home. The house must show all its potential, all its warmth, and all its flow. It must offer up all its capabilities.

And you can and MUST make it show more perceived value than its asking price. Through pure perception, presentation and planning, you must make it an address that will make your buyer proud. These are your challenges.

In reality, when your buyer walks in, he or she, or they, must simply say “WOW, I could live here in a heartbeat”.

And if they do that, then we at All About the WOW have done our job. I’m a lead stager at All About the WOW and that’s what I do, because WOW is what we do.

 Check out a few examples of turning empty–or harder yet, lived in–spaces into "Wow" below. 



To learn more about All About the Wow and our staging and styling services, please do not hesitate to contact me at Let us WOW you and take your space from ordinary to extraordinary. You can also visit our website at or Instagram @allaaboutthewow.


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