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Practical Valentines' Gifts You Should Go Ahead and Buy Yourself

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Practical Valentines' Gifts You Should Go Ahead and Buy Yourself

Want to know the best thing about Valentines' Day? The fact that while we all moan and whine about how annoying it is to buy enough Valentines for the entire school, a tiny, teeny part of you still wants to get a little treat that day from someone special. And guess who always delivers on getting a gift in time? Probably YOU. So sure, send this list, or any other list to your S.O. but while you're holding your breath, go ahead and one-click some of these super practical little luxuries that will make your week that much sweeter.


The Ordinary Daily Set: This brand is actually the world's best kept secret. Made of lots of plant-based goodness and light enough for every day use, it also happens to be super affordable. And the squalane aka face oil feels like silk on your skin. I also love the science lab looking packaging. 


DryBar Dry Shampoo: This is purely functional–but the scent makes you feel like you took the 2 hours to get a blowout at DryBar. I'm a true DryBar snob and while I admittedly have thick hair, I have a sample size of at least 20 people with all different types of hair and they all swear by this bad boy. So until you book your next blowout, play pretend with this magic in a bottle.


bliss spa Self-Heating Body Polish: So this is another pretend you're at the happiest spa on earth aka any bliss location, and not necessarily in your bathroom. I love a good scrub and this one doesn't disappoint.

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Cruella + The Multiple in Orgasm: Monikers aside, if your daily beauty routine means remembering in the car that you forgot to put mascara aside, highly recommend these two as a treat to spice things up for yourself. Cruella for lips and Orgasm for *everything* are also look-good-on-everyone phenoms. 

Warming Cup: Disclaimer: I am not a gadget person. But I can ABSOLUTELY see a world where I buy an $80 coffee mug that promises to stay warm while I wrestle a toddler into his uniform and apply the aforementioned mascara. 

NYT 36 Hours: World Edition: While I love the idea of a big 14 day traipse through Europe, that's not always practical. For YEARS I've been reading the New York Times' 36 Hours feature and what I like to think is that the book will inspire me to book little vacations in special places–wait for it–WITH the kids.

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