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november currently

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november currently

welcome to crazy season. things are about to get heated up around here with thanksgiving flowers, holiday gifting and all the small events, installs in between. but we live for this season. it makes our entire year. interested in flowers for thanksgiving hosts or your holiday table? check out the menu here. holiday gifting? check out the gifts online here. volume corporate gifting? check out the catalog here. enjoy!

melanie is currently…

obsessing over

 the new website. please go browse if you have a second. it's GREAT. if only you knew the debacle. if only. i need to say that one of my better qualities is my determination to get things done. i am all in at 100% every time in most anything i do - I don't cut corners. maybe it's an OCD thing but it's served me really well in life. HOWEVER. HOWEVER. i take on tasks that i SHOULD NOT often, especially as an entrepreneur. i juggle a ton of balls on the normal but i've honestly taken it to a whole over level these days. i've been out of control. and i've taken on coding. i am NOTORIOUS for going to the backend of our website and you know what, i'm actually really good at figuring things out. but SOMETIMES, oh sometimes, i should not be touching things. and things go BAD. and i waste time on the phone with shopify trying to figure out what the hell i did. and i waste an entire day. and i'm flustered. and my right trap starts to ache (this only happens when i'm dealing with accounting or the website). anyway, we did a ton of research over the summer on the workings of our website and whether things were working and we realized that A LOT wasn't working. we were going to invest in a new website from scratch but it's so expensive and we decided to hold back for a little. of course, because the universe works like this, from one day to the next last week, my website just started glitching here and there. no bueno. i tried going in on the backend (of course) and called in help from coder family and friends, and no one could really figure things out. i called shopify and lo and behold, the heavens opened. my 4 year old website had been updated by the developer and because i didn't have the recent update, my website wasn't syncing with the new version. it was SO MUCH easier than i could have ever hoped for. so i updated the version, tweaked a few things here and there, and in about 3-4 hours had myself a new website. in one night. and paid no one or nothing but my own pride. so i'm obsessed with the new website. 'twas all. please let us know what you think!! i'd love to hear!

julia roberts. she is trending for me right now. i listened to an interview with her and oprah on super soul sessions podcast and her and gwyneth paltrow on the goop podcast and her amazing energy is contagious. she's just so straight arrow, and secure, and so talented. and has an amazing family. and hasn't been battered by the limelight. and it's so refreshing. 

my new comcast-less life. for those that read last month's currently, we cut our comcast cable for streaming life. best decision we've made. to be quite honest, i watch less TV, which is probably a great thing based on the amount of screen time i already get thanks to my phone, but i have every channel i need. i can stream live tv or i can just watch whatever is recorded or netflix/prime/hulu original. 

• what my christmas tree will look like this year. stay tuned. 


 i would like to start watching homecoming on prime video, starring my bff julia roberts - i've actually heard amazing things about the series and they're only 30 minute episodes which is quick and enough to get your fix. if anyone is a fan, please let me know!

 i need to admit i'm so behind on regular programming - jeff lewis, real house wives of OC and dallas. so behind. i've been working a lot at night and reading at any chance i get. and then when i read, the below is what happens. i'm hanging on by a thread you guys. 

• acid fat salt heat on netflix. if you love cooking and loved chef's table, watch this 4 part series. so amazingly shot and captivating. 


• my podcast. we have plans to take this on in the new year. we have a lot of plans in the new year. it's difficult right now with our busy season ramping up but it's going to happen. it's going to be geared towards women and will have something to do with not having things together all the time. and that being 100% ok. 

• black friday sales!! THE BEST! my christmas shopping gets done in one day. 

listening to

•  i've added to my podcast list! now listening to: oprah's super soul sessions, the school of greatness, the brendon show, expanded with lacy phillips. and the usual how i built this, second life, the life coach school, marie forleo, goop, that's so retrograde, almost 30, the lively show, rise. cristie is also a big fan of dax shepard's podcast, armchair expert. haven't gotten into it yet but have plans to soon. 


• we've been doing well on the home cooked meal front. i find that if i buy a few different proteins on sunday morning, along with a variety of veggies, and always make sure i'm stocked on necessities for our recipes (tomato paste, sauce, garbanzos, bbq sauce, brown sugar, basmati rice, spaghetti, penne, parmesan, marscapone, mozzarella, chicken stock, bread crumbs, potatoes), i'm good for the week. alex and i switch off cooking and we make it work. we've been finding really easy meals to cook or we just make things up on the spot. we also planted our first home garden!! so it's been amazing to have fresh basil, oregano, rosemary, cucumbers, peppers, cilantro, tomatoes, and chives. 

• p.s.,i owe you guys another recipe roundup (next week!) and have big plans in the new year to vamp up the recipes on the blog with contributors (hint, hint). 


lol ready? Shoe Dog - am 20 pages away from the ending but keep forgetting i'm that close to the end so forget to read. cristie reminded me i hadn't finished recently. promising myself i'll do this by next month. E-Myth, The Journey of Souls, and Raising Lions. yes, i'm juggling between those three. sometimes i don't feel like reading a business book so i jump to the journey of souls. but the problem with the journey of souls is that it's INTENSE and basically discusses spiritual life post death. and you guys, it's a lot for me sometimes. i have such mixed feelings about what i'm reading but it's so interesting. so i bring myself back down to earth (haha) with raising lions (a parenting book - best choice?). that's where i'm at this month. 

• in queue (same from last month - eesh): work party, grit, raising lions (child discipline), eleanor oliphant is completely fine, all the ugly and wonderful things, the e-myth

working on

•  setting intentions every morning. and carrying them through. it's tough because i forget sometimes. but it's a work in progress. everything is a habit. and i'm working on making that a habit and working out. i recently started the peloton here at home and it's so much easier for me to actually exercise. making it to a class is not easy for me so trying to have a little bit more grace with myself and just doing what works best for me. 

•  having faith. and just going with the flow. being a mom when i need/want to be a mom. a wife when i need/want to be a wife. an entrepreneur when i need/want to be one. and remembering that every moment is supposed to be the way it is at the moment it is. 


cristie is currently…

obsessing over

 my new puppy, marshall! yes, i am a nut and decided i needed to add to dog pack but i couldn't resist when i saw a picture of my sweet, angel marshall. he looks exactly like milo but black and light brown. he is such a sweetie and I missed the puppy phase with milo because I adopted him as a adult so a puppy is definitely an .... adjustment. totally worth it though and I wanted milo to have a brother so he isn't waiting by the door for me to get home everyday (the cutest thing in the world). everybody needs a partner in crime!

 daylight savings time  sue me I love it! I have been waking up earlier and having lovely mornings. waking up at 7am and it still being dark was truly playing games with my mornings. I am happy to wake up with the sun!

 etsy THE spot for christmas gifts. mentally, I am done with christmas gifts because what I have not bought already, I have in queue for those good friday sales. I love gift giving and this season so much! truly is the most magical time of the year. 


• bodyguard on netflix. dear lord richard madden is gorgeous. those deep set blue eyes, the jaw line but more than that this is a seriously good show and from the very first scene it DOES NOT STOP. also, it is 6 episodes which is fantastic because my ADD mind loses interest QUICK! trust me, you can get through this on one saturday. 

 bravo is coming to me with all the housewives, which i appreciate, and my favorite and the funniest is back ATLANTA. dear lord, those ladies make me laugh. I LOVE YOU NENE LEKES!!!

• cheers on netflix. let me tell you - this comedy holds up to the test of time! it's so funny and just a 


this is my gift receiving season (birthday in 2 weeks & then christmas) so I am just going to put this right here...

• these jenni kayne flats. mom, are you reading this? [insert praying emojis]

hunting season purse - mike, are you reading this? [insert praying emojis]

• so many trips. new york city, argentina, really want to go back to japan, spain, italy, france! just give me the globe!!!!

listening to

•  a star is born soundtrack. has everyone seen this movie? because you will die for bradley cooper & lady gaga. and once you see it, you won't stop listening to the soundtrack. lady gaga blew me away when she sang like julie andrews in a sound of music at the academy awards


• i have no idea what i have been eating which is a problem. need to get my butt back to trader joes.


• I FINALLY FINISHED Shoe Dog  !!!!!!!! I am so happy. also, it was fantastic and I am obsessed with Phil Knight. what an innovator! i could not recommend this book enough - it will inspire you. checks (nike) over stripes (adidas) all day long. 

• think my next book is going to be another memoir, i guess this is my book genre of choice? I want to read abbi jacobson (broad city) new book i might regret this. heard it was funny AF. will report back! 

working on

•  my new morning routine with the new pup! need to get that boy trained and perfect like my first angel puppy Milo. he is already adding structure to my days which is a great thing!

•  enjoying the rest of the year and the holiday season. i love it so much. going to make an effort to not let the stress get to me and just enjoy it!

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