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May Currently. Mother's Day Edition.

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It's 6:50am as I write this and I first and foremost want to thank all 400 contributors that helped us reach our crowdfunding goal. We raised $52K in 45 days. I quite honestly look back on the entire process and wonder how the heck we made it to the end. It was hard. It was way out of any comfort zone I've created for myself in my life. We worked on the campaign from January through funding on April 30 and the amount of grit and determination it took to get to the end is truly the story for a whole other day. For now, I'll keep it simple at THANK YOU, THANK YOU. We've already invested in our walk-in cooler (!!!!), a true floral dream for us and most importantly, the one thing we needed to serve more people that want our flowers. Stay tuned over the next few months to see how we're investing the rest of our funds to help us grow. We've got big plans although yes, I am taking a much needed mental break to help me remember who I am? (ha). This post is dedicated to all my mamas out there. The working moms (who juggle home life and work life on the daily - i know the struggle and there is no better multitasker), the SAHMs (who, by the way, work harder than anyone and help me with my babies and think FOR ME when i'm working too hard), the soon to be moms, the bonus moms, all the moms that raise humans to be people. People that make this world a better place! You rock and are doing exactly what you need to be doing to raise the kids this world needs (flaws or not). xx

melanie is currently

obsessing over

•  The break I'm taking once the Mother's Day craze is done with. What should I do with my time? We're headed to the Bahamas for 2 weeks in July (I always take some time in July off) but I feel like I should do something for myself towards the ends of this month. Suggestions welcome. I'm the worst "relaxer" on the planet and it works well for me most days as I juggle motherhood and a company, but sometimes, I need a rest. 

•  This frother I just purchased on amazon. I'm spending too much money on mobile Starbucks these days (which by the way, is the best thing to have happened to me since my daughter was born) but, seriously, why not enjoy a nice cup of tea at home? and save money? I just realized this one also has a travel case because who doesn't want to travel with their frother?

•  OUR NEW FLORAL COOLER. 8x10 square feet of 39 degrees. Everything I've ever wanted and more. 


•  I just binged Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and am in the process of getting through Vanderpump Rules (a long time coming people). All I can say is thank god for reality TV. 

•  Netflix: started to watch The Story of God documentary with Morgan Freeman and watched the latest ROM COM The Perfect Date. I recommend both 100%. Also watched Knock Down the House - the story about the women candidates running for Senate in the 2018 election. I need to say that I don't discuss politics because quite frankly, it's bizarre to me how people just don't respect each other's views and move on. Judgy people are a HUGE TURN OFF for me. I actively work on not judging others (and really try not to) because you just don't know what's going on or what went on at home (people are 100% a reflection of their childhood). EVER. Re: politics, I don't consider myself a certain party and vote based on candidates and issues I feel are most important. I am a democrat for some things and republican for others. I am 100% me. That being said, I didn't know anything about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez except for the fact that EVERYONE kept telling me she looked like me (which by the way, she looks like ME because I'm older than her) and she had uber socialist views (this was something I heard A LOT coming from a Cuban-exile community). But I watched the documentary and was glued to the screen. Here's my takeaway: I might not agree with all of her views but as an uber-determined person by nature, I admire her grit, determination, and passion SO, SO MUCH, and even shed a tear when she won in the documentary. And I say this from experience - grit and passion get you places. That's how I've known to function and succeed my entire life. I really think we'd be friends if we knew each other. Which by the way, I don't discuss politics with my friends so it would work out. Anyway, totally worth the watch if you're open to that sort of thing. 


• A new couch. Still on this train. My toddler peed on my couch last week and is doing everything in his power to make me spend thousands of dollars on another couch he'll probably destroy. And I'm not caving in. So for now, Stanley Steamer will do until my children are old enough to control their bladders and understand toilets are a necessity. Don't fret, if you come over, I have plenty of other seating he hasn't managed to wreck. Yet. Really, at what point do I get to enjoy my furniture and spend money on pieces that will actually last? Ever?

• A warehouse revamp. HOL is undergoing a small organization/revamp this summer and I CANNOT WAIT. I'll share the plans as we make them (because all of it is currently in my head). 

• My podcast to launch! The plan post-Mother's Day is to start the entire process - the interviewing, recording, planning, graphics, etc. Here are the things I know: I have an idea on the name and I know it's going to be geared towards women. I also ended up pushing the launch date to September to give me more time to make it exactly what I want it to be. Here is a sneak peek on a few of the topics I want to discuss - "What's Holding us Back?," "Mom Guilt," "Success on your Terms," "Fear of Failure," "Trusting Yourself," and then there are topics like surrender, meditating, manifesting, that I want to make sure to plug into the topics. I also know I want to feature guests. Thoughts? Do these topics seem interesting to you? I'd love to know!

listening to

•  I'm back to podcasts this month and if you're an entrepreneur recommend the Peloton episode of How I Built This and this episode from The Life Coach School about getting uncomfortable in life. 


• Finishing Drop the Ball by Tiffany Dufu (a FANTASTIC book on how to achieve more by doing less) and still getting through Girl, Stop Apologizing (as mentioned above). I'm also reading 99% Mine, because I realized I need a romance novel every so often to keep me interested in reading.  

• On my nightstand: Rich Dad, Poor Dad; Pulling Profits out of a Hat; Becoming.

working on

•  Taking this company to the next level with all the funds we raised!!!!!

•  Being the mom I want and set out to be in this life. Every day. Because there's nothing more important that those babies. 

cristie is currently

doing this at the last second 7:30AM, May 8 - the day this is going out. I am sensing a theme here with Melanie & me. We have been in a crowdfunding whirlwind that went into a mother's day tailspin all coupled with the fact that I was traveling for a week in a half to Argentina - it's been a struggle getting into a routine. But we are knocking on the door of summer (disclaimer: my least favorite season) and I am ready to slow down a bit. 

obsessing over

•  Argentina - go here. First, it's a very easy flight from Miami with no time change so you come in ready to roll. Buenos Aires is like being in a Latino Paris or Madrid. It is such a refined, charming city! If anyone is going soonish, contact me because I have THOUGHTS on how to make yourself a great little trip. 

•  Merida - went there for my best friend's wedding and I became obsessed with this little gem in the Yucatan! A really cool, vibrant big city that feels very European. I also got the most life changing ritual spa treatment at the Coqui Coqui. The wedding took place in a hacienda and I literally spent a dream day getting my make up/hair done and then taking gorgeous solo shots all over the venue. LIVINGGGG 

•  My crowdfunding stickers - they are on my computer, they are on my cell phone case... I am so heavily House of Lilac branded right now and I AM HERE FOR IT. The stickers, which are a $25 crowdfunding reward. are seriously cute and worth it!


•  Currently watching the Today show. In the mediascape of morning shows, I am always going to be a Today show person! I love them all. 



• all the basics on the everlane website.

• a good sneaker for argentina.

listening to

•  I listened to the whole podcast series called "the dropout" about the theranos fraud and it's founder, Elizabeth Holmes. I recommend! I also plan on picking up the book. I find her to be such a creepy character - I need to get into her mind and understand it a little more because how the helllllll do you pull off that level of lying and fraud. I have anxiety just thinking about it. 


• a lot of three chefs. What is it about the magical combination of curry sauce and chicken with rice. Also, I travel to three chefs even though a chicken kitchen is 2 minutes away from my house. I am fully converted!


• nothing, but I plan on picking up the book 'Bad Blood' about the aforementioned Theranos fraud. I am deeply invested in this whole scandal and need to know every piece of information available to me!

working on

•  Getting back into a routine. This will be in full effect once I get back from Argentina. 

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