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June Currently. Summer Fridays Edition.

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June Currently. Summer Fridays Edition.

Happy Summer! OMG where did this year go? We started our crowdfunding campaign almost 3 months ago which is insane because it feels like yesterday. The days are long but years go by so fast - I see this more now that I have kids - and I often get really sad about this fact (true story). I'm trying to be more present to right now (what I'm working on below) and this is also very much true for the company right now. Thanks to so many of you, we raised the money we need to take this business to the next level and now it's time to plan, invest, and be present in the moment, in the decisions we make, in analysis, and in the entire process. Being led and guided and a strengthened intuition is something I ask for every day (to God and my guides) and patience and presence is very much apart of those things. So God speed to us - here we go!

melanie is currently

obsessing over

 revamping and organizing. summer does this to me. I'm the kind of person that becomes obsessed with projects and honestly WILL NOT REST until they're complete. I'm currently 100% annoyed at the foyer in my house and the fact that I've put zero time and money into making it look welcoming. When we bought the house, I liked the idea of having an official foyer but here's the catch - my foyer was actually the formal living area for a 1950's ranch style home that was later added to a million times. Thanks to the expanded space, the formal living area no longer needed to be right by the entryway (it's now add on no. 1). So it's now a proper foyer that is way too small to add seating AND a table and way too big to not add other things besides a table. Peak annoyance, I decided to try Havenly to furnish and design the space PROPERLY. I'm happy with my interior designer so far and feel like she picked up my style pretty quickly (although I also sent her a million pinterest boards and was very clear about the things that I like), but I'll keep you guys posted as I continue through this process over the next few weeks! 

 teamwork  you know i'm going to list my new favorite project management app on here. We just switched over to teamwork to manage all the projects we have going on amongst 5 of us and it's magical. If you're constantly working with teams on different assignments with different due dates and tasks, i 100% recommend it. They also have a free trial option that allows you to try it out for a few weeks!

 our summer series If you haven't checked in with what's going on this summer at HOL, we have a ton of workshops (listed below), promotions, including Summer Fridays (FREE bouquet upgrades), our HOL at Home Series, online workshops, online curriculum launching in July! SO MUCH NEW STUFF!! If you want to stay in the loop with all these things, sign up for our newsletter - we send our "Currently" newsletter at the beginning of every month that lists EVERYTHING we have going on that month - workshops, promotions, events, etc. Our marketing team does an amazing job with it and it's worth the read. :)

Workshops & Events - see more here

June 11 - Cake Basics with Bake Bar at HOL (learn to frost and style cakes!) 
June 13 - Summer Send Off Panel at HOL (women's empowerment panel on abundance - totally worth it!)
June 20 - Dried Flower Wreath Workshop at HOL (you know you want a wreath on your front door this summer!)
June 22 - Brush Calligraphy Hat Workshop with Salvaging Eden (i.e., you'll be learning calligraphy and decorating your straw summer hat!)
June 24- Our FIRST Online Workshop on Summer Flower Care (quick, affordable, and accessible from your couch)
June 27 - How to Build a Cheese Board with The Board Miami (everyone needs to learn how to build a cheese board at home and these ladies are the ones to learn it from!)
July 25 - Terrarium Arrangement Workshop (we're talking plants and succulents - those things that are much easier to keep alive)
August 6 - Kids Flower Crown Workshop at HOL (you know that period in the summer when your kids are home? Well, bring them to HOL for a flower crown workshop!)
August 8 - Candle Pouring with Buena Vista Candle Co. and Bouquet Making with HOL (we're taking floral to the next level with this workshop - floral scents and floral buds!)


 Always be my Maybe on Netflix. The latest ROM COM featuring Ali Wong. It was everything I needed it to be and more. EVERYTHING. Must watch. 

• I'm almost caught up with Vanderpump Rules and RHO Beverly Hills and in need of more reality TV to stay sane so any suggestions welcome. 

• The Brene Brown special on Netflix. PLEASE WATCH. She talks about vulnerability and shame and risk taking and why all three are so important to a life well lived. It was only an hour and so worth it!


• Summer Jeans (i.e., jeans that aren't suffocating my legs in the 100 degree Miami heat), summer flats, a new bathing suit (My mom bod is a fan of Alix and L* Space for those that are curious - high rise bottoms and spandexy material that makes me feel 16 again). 

• To be in the Bahamas (T-40 days). 

listening to

•  A few books on Audible. Dare to Lead by Brene Brown (yes, the obsession is real) and finishing Girl Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis. 

•  Also, laugh if you want, but I'm listening to tons of toddler song albums because they're the only things that stop tantrums in the car. And yes, when they're not in the car I find myself listening to them because I completely forget they're playing. #momlife


• A lot of Flannigans (my kids LOVE this place) and anywhere else that has chicken fingers, pizza, macaroni & cheese AND wine/beer. Those are the requirements to the restaurants we attend. And highchairs, obviously (because you KNOW Hillstone doesn't have highchairs -_-). Alex and I need to pretend we're at happy hour (because it's always 5:30-6:30 when we eat dinner) when we're out with the kids. If you're a parent, you know what I mean. If you're not, I'm jealous of your social life. 

• Also, dying to go to Tigertail + Mary, Michael Shwartz's new restaurant in the Grove. The Grove is trending for me and my fam these days - It's one of the closest downtowns to my house, and speaking of kid-friendly, has a ton of kid-friendly spots - Harry's Pizzeria, Farinelli (pizza), the Lokal (chicken fingers), Green Street (macaroni & chicken fingers AND outside space for your kids to cause raucous on), Glass & Vine (A PLAYGROUND), Montys and Flannigans (need I say more?), Fireman Derek's Bake Shop (cookies and cake!). Needless to say, you'll find us there PRETTY OFTEN. 


• Finishing the BEST romantic fiction novel right now - 99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne. She has another book called The Hating Game that's also amazing. Her writing is SO GOOD and her storylines are super engaging and her descriptions are ON POINT. 

• Also finishing Drop the Ball by Tiffany Dufu and on deck I have some boring business books that I'm hoping add some riveting change to my life (Pulling Profits Out of a Hat, Rich Dad Poor Dad (a classic)). 

working on

•  Patience. And being present. My babies are growing too fast and I can't help but look back and regret not embracing the past three years as much as I could have. I feel like I worried about work too much. I made myself a promise recently that this business would never be worth worrying about and if I ever got to the point of worry again, I'd reevaluate my work and where I was. Nothing is worth more than my babies and my family. NOTHING. It's why I left corporate America, why I work for myself, and why I manage my own schedule. So I'm working on reminding myself of that, every day. 

cristie is currently…

obsessing over

• making my house a smart home this may or may not have to do with all the ring podcast commercials I hear but I slowly want to convert my whole house onto this platform & just work everything from my phone. 


 I got a TV in my room for the first time in YEARS. This happened yesterday. I have a feeling I will be having A LOT more to contribute to this section in the future. I still have mixed feelings about this TV in my room - it's too bright in there & I liked NOT having a TV in my room just in principle. However, 1 TV in the house was apparently (according to my husband) causing problems because he was over Bravo content so now we are here. 

• dead to me on netflix. I watched this in like a day. I can't tell you if it's good or bad but I know for sure it was an easy easy watch. So for that - I am here for it.

• the long shot. This was the cutest movie ever! This is a romantic comedy I would compare to Notting Hill, which is TOPS for me. I watched this movie fully reclined (never am I watching a movie NOT fully reclined) at the Merrick Park and it was a true joy. If you are in an airplane in late summer, I fully recommend it. 


• Very random but I want to transition into a wardrobe full on linen for this 5 month period where Miami is unbearably hot. Whats a good brand for pure linen wear? I also want Mike to be in full linen too. Let's also throw in some parachute linen sheets. I WANT LINEN. 

• Many more trips! Never stop tripping. I want to go to Europe!!! I miss it. But I also really enjoyed the no time change of going to Argentina. Pro trip - Do not sleep on the 'no time change' international trip. Its great. But for now I am going to Portland in August and NYC and LA for weddings. 

listening to

•  podcasts, podcasts, and more podcasts. Recently added an easy, breezy podcast to my mix - Justin Long's life is short. I am a fan. I can't go too deep with my podcasts because I forget I am listening about half way through and it never has more than 40% of my attention. I tried being smart and listening to Hardcore History but nothing was retained. 


• I wrote a long answer to this question but then it got deleted. So short answer -  no where new. You can catch me at Trader Joe's every monday doing my shopping. I actually realized last week that I have 3 cauliflower gnocchis and 3 cauliflower fried rice I have yet to make but ALWAYS purchase when I am at trader joes. So today (Monday) I am going to try Whole Foods and see if it sparks any new recipes or purchases out of me.


• Most random moment in this whole blog is going to be what I am reading, a book called The Path to Power which is a historical biography on President Lyndon B Johnson and part of a 5 part book series. The book (part 1) is 900 pages long and I am 200 pages in - so making some progress. Has anyone (or anyone's parents or grandparents LOL) read this book? Looking for a discussion partner. 

working on

• my summer tan. I am far too white for it being this time of year. I had a good base tan going but now it has completely gone away. I want to enjoy my summer and take advantage of the slower pace. 


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