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July Currently. In Creative Mode.

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July Currently. In Creative Mode.

roses from Portland's International Rose Garden

6 months out of the year came and went. Halfway through 2019. This has been a year of traveling up the growth curb for us. And we're still nowhere near where we want to be but happy to report we are ON THE WAY. I'm also happy to announce (big news) that on August 1 (fingers crossed), we're officially opening up our storefront in our current warehouse space. We started construction a few weeks ago and are still in the process, but we have a an amazing Flower Club entertaining event with Table Salt on August 1 that we're hoping to be ready for (think table setting, recipes, flowers). It's doubling as our grand opening (and tickets are limited) so stay tuned! Onto riveting information...

melanie is currently

obsessing over

• blow dry bars.  There's a blow dry bar near my house that offers $25 blowdrys from Sunday-Tuesdays and there is nothing that I love more than someone drying my hair for me. It makes me feel nice, pretty, put together and I've decided to look into a membership of some sort so I'm forced to dry my hair often. Anyone do this right now and love it? 

 portland and solabee flowers. It wasn't my first time in Portland. I was last there 4 years ago when I was pregnant with Alexander. But I was 9 weeks pregnant and feeling sick, suffering through some first trimester blues, and obviously, didn't enjoy it as much as I could have. This was my first time actually going and enjoying everything the city has to offer and, it. was. MAGICAL.The food, the landscape, the people. A born and raised Miami girl, I didn't grow up around the mountains. But I have to admit that there was something so appealing about living in such lushness and having hiking trails everywhere you turned. And the weather! Cool nights, warm days. Zero humidity. And the flowers! Everything I can't wait to get my hands on here in Miami (and often can't because of limited quantities) grows like weeds in people's yards! One of the things I've always done well while growing my business is reach out to people in similar businesses and either work for them, learn new things, or ask for advice. I've spoken to floral shops I admire in Brooklyn, San Diego, and finally, FINALLY, spent some time with the ladies of Solabee Flowers in Portland. Their instagram is one to admire and their work is out of this world so as a total fan girl, I reached out to them and offered to work with them one day during my trip. I learned so much about the local flower industry, learned even more about running a flower shop, and made new friends! Needless to say, I took a ton of knowledge home with me and can't wait to go back (hopefully next year!). Some photos below.  

• my new summer jeans! Finally got my hands on a pair of high waisted white jeans (Citizens of Humanity - one of my favorite jean brands). And I have to shout out Studio LX here in Miami because they really do carry the best jeans locally. I always find a pair there when I'm in need and they last FOREVER. 

 our upcoming workshops If you haven't checked in with what's going on this summer at HOL, we have a ton of workshops (listed below), promotions, including  FREE bouquet upgrades, ALL SUMMER (something a lot of people aren't taking advantage of and it's A STEAL - like pay $45 for $90 worth of flowers amazing), our HOL at Home Series (did you see the last one?!), online workshops, online curriculum launching in July! SO MUCH NEW STUFF!! If you want to stay in the loop with all these things, sign up for our newsletter - we send our "Currently" newsletter at the beginning of every month that lists EVERYTHING we have going on that month - workshops, promotions, events, etc. Our marketing team does an amazing job with it and it's worth the read. :)

Workshops & Events - see more here

July 25 - Terrarium Arrangement Workshop (we're talking plants and succulents - those things that are much easier to keep alive)
August 1 - Flower Club Foodie & Flowers Event hosted by Table Salt (and our Grand Opening!) $25 entry. Stay tuned. 
August 6 - Kids Flower Crown Workshop at HOL (you know that period in the summer when your kids are home? Well, bring them to HOL for a flower crown workshop!)
August 8 - Candle Pouring with Buena Vista Candle Co. and Bouquet Making with HOL (we're taking floral to the next level with this workshop - floral scents and floral buds!)


 Netflix: I just watched Sleeping with Other People. It's a ROM COM from 2015, but the chemistry between the characters was on point. So worth it. Also, watched The Week Of, an Adam Sandler movie that was hysterical. 

Reality TV: Southern Charm, Southern Charm, Southern Charm. and RHONYC (Real Housewives of New York City). These have to be my two favorite reality TV shows so reality TV is trending for me right now. Sorry I'm not sorry. 


• To record the first 8 episodes of my podcast already! (August!). Stay tuned for a September launch. 

• To be in the Bahamas (T-8 days!!). 

• My new foyer pieces. Here's what I still want:

A new sideboard: here or here. The latter is sold out and I'm hoping by the time I purchase it's back in stock because it's much more less expensive than the first and still beautiful! 

Rugs: here and here. LOVE BOTH SO MUCH! 

listening to

•  The Lewis Howes Podcast these days. And anything that features Joe Dispenza and his work on quantum physics (with respect to shifting the mind and healing - so GOOD!). 


• More postmates than is ok for anyone to order. 

• Finally went to Tigertail + Mary! So worth it. Delicious food and drinks. Amazing ambience - so good you completely lose track of time when you're there and will stay for HOURS. 


• Rich Dad, Poor Dad (just the best book on personal finances of all time); and on deck for my trip, Becoming by Michelle Obama and Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. 

working on

•  Surrendering. Letting go and letting God. And trusting my intuition. and my gut. And myself more.  

cristie is currently…

obsessing over

• going to sleep! I literally can't think straight right now but I waited till the last minute today to do this blog so here we are! Let's see if I make any sense in this delirium.


 currently watching big little lies. The season has been slow but I have been enjoying it. I tried watching euphoria which airs post big little lies but it was way too much for me. 


• lounge clothes all day long. Instagram 100% knows because I get served all day for it. I want some mate the label pronto and bonus they are a sustainable. 

listening to

•  showtunes. ever so often, I see a broadway show and then I go into a broadway wormhole where I just digest broadway youtubes all day long. I saw 'Come from Away' recently and it was sooooo amazing. The staging, the musical - I loved it. This led to a morning googling the best Tony Award performances. I got in some Hamilton, Le Miz, Book of Mormon, Spring Awakening, The Color Purple.... it was great.


• cauliflower gnocchi from trader joes. It's so good and so easy! 


nothing at all! need to get at least one book read this summer.

working on

• not procrastinating so I don't ever have to do this after a long day outside on the boat when all I want to do is sleep! Sorry this is so short!!!!


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