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It's Not Too Late: Day Planners To Get 2020 On Track

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It's Not Too Late: Day Planners To Get 2020 On Track
It's no secret that writing things down–especially with the amount of things we're all juggling–is scientifically proven to help us. It unlocks a whole section of your brain that stimulates memory. 
Which is why usually, come October, we're ordering a planner for the following year. A good day planner serves as a place to make sense of the chaos between work, kids, home, and, yes, even fun gets calendared these days. But if the end of 2019 caught you by surprise (hi, me!), worry not. These are some of our favorite planners on Amazon right now, that ship quickly so you don't skip a beat to get 2020 off to the right track!
For the note-taker who doesn't want too many bells and whistles:
Moleskine is a classic, so it makes sense that their weekly planner has lots of open room for you to customize how you use it. Each week has a full page for notes on the right!
A place to organize home and business in a beautiful package: Emily Ley has built her life-hack, organizational empire on the back of her Simplified planner. It's got inspirational quotes, special sections for to-do lists and future planning. Plus, if you really want to get into it, you can customize it with meal planning pages, or even lesson planning for teachers. The really pretty covers don't hurt either. 
If you want one place to put your Flower Club intention exercises AND your day planning: Love this day planner that doubles as a self-improvement tracker. With space to journal and thoughtful prompts, it's the perfect partner for your Flower Club intention work. Hint, hint ;) 


For those ready to get really serious about productivity: If you have a little bit of ADD, this Clever Fox journal uses proven techniques on it's pages to help you get organized and actually stick to your goals. 


For the creative types who want to draw their own day planning experience: Bullet journals are all the rage, but aren't for the faint of heart. That said, if you do it right, it's supposed to be game changing. Check out this guide + planner combo to DIY yours. 


What's your fave? Tell us in the comments and don't forget to sign up for Flower Club goal-setting challenge so you're really kicking off 2020 with a bang!

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