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How to Style Your Shelves

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How to Style Your Shelves


There’s more to creating vignettes than grouping a couple of coffee table books and frames together. Here are a few tips on how to style your shelves to create an instagram-worthy vignette!


  1. First, gather everything you might want to use. Have a variety of frames, books, baskets, whatever it is you want to display on your shelf. Place all of the larger items first, like baskets and coffee table books and any large vases or stands. Choose a hero piece to set the direction - this will help define your color and texture palette. For these shelves, our hero pieces were the wicker utility baskets. We then filled in the remainder of the shelf space with the smaller objects: small vases, plants and any other small accessories.



For the store front, these shelves were made for shopping….so the goal was to keep everything organized and visible for customers to build their own boxes. While everything is neatly categorized, there was still a sense of flow and balance.


Stacking books to prop up shorter accessories or incorporating baskets, even a cake stand, can be a great way to create some height. Select pieces that work with your palette and use your large items to anchor everything else!


Adding pops of greenery can bring some life to your shelves. These air plants by House of Lilac were the perfect tiny touch of green and best of all, they require minimal maintenance.

Happy styling!

After working in Interior Design for Bimini Bay Resorts, and serving as Creative Director at a prominent Miami-based agency, Giselle Macias followed what felt like an undeniable calling to entrepreneurship and began her freelance career in 2015.
Built on Giselle’s creative talents and passion for design, she expanded to provide full-service art direction and Interior Design services.
From brand building, to photo shoot styling, to Interior design and decor, Giselle been working for over 8 years in the field as a go to for all things creative. Contact:

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