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How to Live A Healthy Life When You're Busy AF

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How to Live A Healthy Life When You're Busy AF


How the eff do you have time for that?! That’s seriously what would go through my mind every time I saw someone showing off their healthy lifestyle. Truth is, I thought it was impossible for me to eat healthy and exercise given my busy schedule.  I work full-time as the co-founder and managing partner of a law firm, and I am a wife and mom to two kiddos. Like most of us modern, busy women, practicing “health & wellness” is not my full-time gig.

Bottom line: it was really hard for me to accept that I could change the way I was living my life. But in January, I got a group of my closest friends together, and we committed to making slow and steady changes towards a healthy life--for real this time. After 3 months, the changes to our minds and bodies were insane (hello, more energy, *abs*, and some of my friends (including me) even lost as much as 15-20 pounds(!)).  And from there, I knew I was on to something big and my new company ah.mi was born.

ah.mi is a 3-month jumpstart to get healthy with your friends. It speaks to the modern, busy woman in a fresh and elevated way, and members commit to 3 basic principles:

  1. Eat simple, healthy food (most of the time)
  2. Be active at least 3x per week
  3. Motivate your friends to stay committed throughout the entire 12 weeks

Along with inspo and motivation from the ah.mi team, members get nutrition tips from our Registered Dietitian, Tori, and vetted exercise recos from some of our fave fitness experts to get you going on your journey to a healthier life. Over the course of the 3 months, committed members develop lifelong healthy habits that make them feel (and yes, look) great. 

The beauty of ah.mi is that you and your friends don’t all need the same goal, whether it’s weight loss, toning, or just flat-out “get me out of this funk.” It’s for EVERYONE.

Here’s a glimpse into how I now live a healthy life (I promise it’s possible--with a little help from ah.mi 😉):

My Baseline (what I typically eat)

I know you hear it over and over again, but how you eat affects how you feel so much. This never really stuck with me until ah.mi. I never thought about how an Italian sub from my fave spot made me *feel*-- it was just so damn good in the moment! But after a month of eating really simple, healthy food, I started feeling more energized, less foggy and tired, less agitated--and I know it sounds cheesy, but I could feel my body morphing. 

I don’t get crazy. I eat really simply and cook SUPER easy meals that I can throw together after a long day (like Mel’s Spag Squash and Stuffed Cauli Peppers). I still eat out, but I make good choices most of the time. During the week, I eat really healthy. On the weekends, I eat what I want, but I still lean towards healthy foods because it makes me feel good. Don’t get me wrong: if I’m going to my favorite Italian restaurant, I’m getting linguine and white clams. But otherwise I try to make healthier decisions (like getting a nice salad instead of a sandwich for lunch).


My Routine (my fitness habits)

To be honest, I always *kinda* worked out. I’d spin maybe two to three times a week, and call it a success. But when I started getting serious about my health, I committed to being active 3 days per week (no scientific reason--it just seemed attainable and manageable), and I’d do it no matter what. Even if it was just a 15-minute Melissa Wood Health arm series at 9pm on a Sunday night to get my third workout in for the week.


I got used to it after awhile, and loved the way exercising made me feel so much that now I workout 4-6 days a week. I’ll do a really quick 20-minute treadmill series (using Peloton digital), a hot yoga class, and still some spinning here and there. It doesn’t have to be a full 60 minute class-- to me, that takes a lot of coordination; do what you can. And yes, during the week I sometimes wake up at 530am to get it in. It’s what works for me. Having a goal and sticking to it was key for me.

 My Friends

For me, I needed that support system from my friends because they’re the ones that motivate me the best.  Plus, committing to getting healthy with my friends made this process really fun. I loved seeing how my sis was running miles on her vacation and how my friend Mel would whip up crazy easy healthy beautiful meals.

That’s it!  At the end of the day, it isn’t rocket science, but man, does it take commitment and dedication, which is a heckuva a lot easier when your gals come along for the ride. 

If you are interested in joining ah.mi with your friends, visit, and apply to get on the waitlist for our next round!



Flower Club founding member Rachel Johnson is the founder of ah.mi health and co-founder and managing partner of J+O Law. She's lives in Boca Raton, Florida with her husband Glenn and her two babies, Tyler and Penn. 

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