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How A Blowdryer Helped My Post-Partum Blues

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How A Blowdryer Helped My Post-Partum Blues

Wanna know what no one tells you about the days right after a baby is born? 

You're kinda gross. Your body isn't your own. You're a hero and a hot mess at the same time. 

Just 4 short months ago, my second baby was born. And I'm a thinker, full of melancholy and loved Dashboard Confessional just slightly too much in high school. Which is why the onslaught of emotion that came with having a baby is no surprise to me, but is still enough to knock me to my knees. I was *really* emotional. I couldn't explain myself to anyone, my husband and mom for sure thought I was a mess. But want to know the first thing that goes? Me. 

With my first son, I forced myself to look cute. To try really hard to have my nails done weekly, and dress nice, and go on a date with my husband. My grandma, old school as she is, was like "Make sure you look alive for him." With all due respect to her and my husband, that was the *last* thing on my mind. But the martyr in me made it happen. 

This time around, with a 2.5 year old running around, I was like f*ck that. And while I know in my heart that my husband genuinely sees the hero when I am a hot mess. That my mom understood when I kicked everyone out of my house so I could nap. I also know that looking human is less about others and more about yourself. 

Enter the *least* anticipated thing that changed the game. A blow dryer. 

My friend Angelica––who I might add literally never looks NOT pulled together, bless her!!!—had introduced me to it. And it wasn't until Bobby was born that I took the plunge and ordered this bad boy from Revlon for less than $50. 


And I washed my hair that day. And it felt good. Moms, you might get me. The baby is in the crib. He/she might be crying or sleeping. But in those 20 minutes, you're you and only you. And then you can look like a functioning human who isn't just a human boob. In (if you're like me with super thick hair) 20 minutes, I had a Drybar-level blowout. And I felt good. And I felt ready to mom again. 

It's been 4 months now as a mom of two. And I just went back to work full time, plus some. And I still, 3 times a week, take a few minutes to dry my hair with my little miracle worker. Because here's the thing. People will say it's vanity, or insecurity, or just silly. But at the end of the day if having your hair smooth is the thing that gets you through, then so freakin' be it. 

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