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first off, christian arevalo, you and genesis (his adorable wife) are THE BEST. not only is christian uber talented, he came to visit us at the space and as an added bonus, took these amazing photos for us. thanks for making this post a reality!

this space, really fell from heaven. we finished off our last lease this past april and, after I had margot, i made this decision to cut overhead and work out of my garage (i'm laughing right now just thinking about this amazing idea. literally). we had just moved into the house and had this 600 square foot garage that was totally usable. mind you, our house has no other storage space besides this garage but, that wasn't apparent at the time because i had this grand, amazing idea to SAVE MONEY. fast forward two weeks of working surrounded by storage (oh and no AC - that was the three month plan), my 16 month old and 2 month old, wrapping bouquets on my kitchen counter, and having a "my life is too unstructured" anxiety attack every 5 minutes, my husband begged me to go look for a new space. and because my sanity, my marriage, and motherhood is of much higher value to me than my rent, i called the first realtor my mom recommended (she'd dealt with him through a client in the past), "just to see if it's worth it" - within two days i was walking through the shop door.  

it was an eyesore. there was absolutely no flow, there were cockroaches in the bathroom, and the floor was a weird vintage pink. it also had very unattractive and weird carpeting. the landlord couldn't rent it and the realtor really only showed it to me as a second option because I had described a shop vision along the lines of "a space with a store front door but not like a real store front because i want to make my own hours." (i was his favorite person, trust me). but because i had just spent two years renovating my house and think i'm an hgtv expert, i said, in very joanna gainesish style, "i'm into the vintage pink. if you could knock down this drywall to open up the space, replace the toilet and sink in the bathroom, and paint the floors concrete, i'll take it." fast forward two hours, "the landlord will do everything you ask for. it's yours." 

post signing the lease: 

 1) i find out my landlord's daughter, whom i went to high school with, is really my property manager (she's the sweetest human ever) and is now a great client

2) we painted the space white with a hunter green wall because i'm having a hunter green moment

3) i meet my amazing car mechanic neighbors who we're supposed to sublease dumpster space from but they refuse to charge us anything so we basically dump our excessive daily garbage for free

4) i invest in custom work tables with a carpenter in the area - this was a necessary investment on my part after 2 years of makeshift ikea tables that didn't function for our work flow. plus, i wanted to design a table that would be ideal for floral design and workshops. and that required a certain height. 

5) i meet lina from the empty apartment, who is god sent. she met me, got to know me and the brand, our work, what i like, what i don't, what "joanna gaines" envisioned for the space, and literally picked every piece for me within my budget. she's a gem, made me invest in things i'm so happy i invested in, and my office would be bare and so not cute without her. yes, i could have done it on my own but it would have been completed in 2045. and no, that's not ok. 

6) we replace most of my ceiling tiles and paint the shop door black (it was a worn out silver). clarification: "I" did not do these things. my dad is a contractor - perks of a contractor dad: he sent the most helpful people my way and we're now bffs. 

still pending: custom shelves for the general work area. but we'll get there! enjoy...




  • Melanie Fernandez
  • Behind the Scenes

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