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HOL Gift Guide: Kids' Valentines They'll Actually Use

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HOL Gift Guide: Kids' Valentines They'll Actually Use

You know how it goes. It's one of the "Hallmark Holidays" and you get a note from school saying they're allowed to bring goodies for each other. To quote Home Alone, it's always something that will rot the teeth or the mind, and if I had to add one more: Add to the pile of tchotchkes I'm dying to throw away. 

Here are a few inexpensive ideas that you can Prime (on time for once), are cute and practical for once!

"You Knock My Socks Off"

Roll up a pair of these with a ribbon and a little card, and you're done. 

No one ever said no to a pair of adorable socks. 


3-Pack of Teeth-Friendly Lollies–and extras for home.

Throw a few of these in a cute goody bag and you can sleep easy that the gluten-free, organic, sugar-free mom won't be calling you a week later. 

Fashion-Forward Iron-On Patches 

Much love for the cool kids in actual Commes de Garcon. For the rest of the class, these easy to use patches are a fun add on for backpacks and t-shirts that say "My mom is cool, but knows your mom is on a budget." 


And if you're really progressive, every mom worth her weight knows the gift that keeps giving is a $5 Amazon gift card. Moms everywhere thank you in advance!

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