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gourmet candy is a game changer


my sweet tooth is intense. I love all things sugar and candy is my ultimate happiness.  I crave candy all. day. long. so working at house of lilac, you best believe I indulge in our own inventory more often than I like to admit. and let me tell you, when I discovered the difference in gourmet candy, it was game changing. the flavors are stronger, the texture is smoother and the candy is just so much better. you truly taste the difference! our quality of candy is one of things house of lilac prides itself on, and I can attest as a true life candy lover they are out of this world. here are some of my favorites.

If I had to choose my all time favorite candy family, it would be the gummy variety and to be ultra specific, the sour gummy. my life has never been the same since trying sugarfina’s heavenly sours. the name says it all. it’s like eating a gummy with the flavor of a freshly pressed juice. it’s so good! we carry sugarfina champagne bears, heavenly sours, and mama and baby bears. we find excuses to put them on everything because they rock!

another one of my favorite’s is the quin line. quin's dreams come chew is starburst on steroids. even the yellow and oranges are good. let’s just say, one of our bags in our inventory expired and I totally devoured it (insert hands over face emoji!). don’t underestimate quin candy because the craving will take over you!

I love a good coupling and it the candy world, there’s nothing like the salty sweet duo of chocolate and something salty and fatty sundays' line really gets it. this isn’t your average pretzel covered in chocolate. we carry two flavors – cookies and cream and sprinkles! these are new to us (we just started carrying them for spring and summer) but it’s been the best addition, and honestly, you can never go wrong with the salty sweet pairing.

writing this just got me seriously craving candy – the good type!

  • Cristie Enriquez
  • Behind the Scenes

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