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French Tuck vs. Bra Tuck: A 3-Step Tutorial

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French Tuck vs. Bra Tuck: A 3-Step Tutorial

Are you more of a French tuck kind of girl or are you the bra tuck type? 

Or maybe you don't even know what we're talking about. Look no further for a simple 3-step guide to tucking like a pro influencer. 

A French tuck is when you tuck a little section of your blouse to give you that effortless ultra chic and fashion savvy look. But what happens when your wearing a chunky sweater because Miami got blessed with a cold front (praise be) and you’ve had this sweater sitting in your closet waiting for this exact moment?!? Ergo, the bra tuck. The bra tuck is how all the fashionista gals tuck their chunky sweaters without the unflattering bulging pants look. PS -- Looks can be deceiving, they might look the same but the method is definitely different. 


How To French Tuck:

  1. Locate the middle of the sweater 
  2. Tuck a small piece of the sweater into your bottoms
  3. Adjust sweater on the sides to achieve desired look


How To Bra Tuck

  1. Locate the middle of the sweater 
  2. Fold the sweater end towards your bra
  3. Secure the sweater by placing your bra strap above the sweater


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