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Flower Club: In January, We Set Goals

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Flower Club: In January, We Set Goals

Happy 2020 my ladies! Cheers to a new decade. Cheers to you wanting to better yourself. Double cheers to getting started on the right foot. In case you hadn't heard, today we kick off our Goal-Setting Challenge, open to anyone! And for our Flower Club members, we're digging a bit deeper and setting the tone for the whole year. Basically, this is our day 1.

Why goal-setting, you ask? Easy. 

There's nothing better in life than actually sitting down, getting organized, and mapping out the next year. Well, maybe a glass of wine. But you can actually grab a glass of wine while you get this done (do it now!).

Now, it's not all go-go-go. There's a "Ready, set" that comes first. Before I start to set lofty goals I like to take inventory of my prior year. Figure out what I did that I loved. Figure out what I didn't do that I wish I would have done. And figure out what I did that I DO NOT want to do again. Both on a work and personal level. There's definitely a method to this madness, one you'll hopefully use as a tool every month in reaching your 2020 goals. 

Keep in mind that goal setting is a gradual process. You start macro, and you move on to the micro, more detailed tasks needed to accomplish the bigger stuff. But before we get there, we need to take inventory of 2019.

If you're interested in doing this super important work with us, learn more about Flower Club here. We're in this together and as we set this year's goals, this community will be a huge part of achieving them. We can't wait to see what the year has in store for you!

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