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flower bouquets aka happiness delivered!

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flower bouquets aka happiness delivered!


one of the reasons I love my job is the sweetie-pie notes people send with bouquets. now, that I work at house of lilac, I find so much inspiration from the thoughtfulness of others. It really is the sweetest thing to see how caring and considerate people are. there is something about being delivered flowers, that never fails to bring smiles. so for this reason, I thought I would share some inspiration with you and encourage you to make someone’s day, including your own! 

it’s my favorite thing seeing reactions from people when they receive their bouquets. the combination of happiness and surprise is so fun to witness. The first question is typically “who sent these!” followed by “how sweet”, “they didn’t have to!”. there is something special about knowing someone took the time to order you flowers and think of you in such a nice way! whether it is to gift your aunt with a bouquet for her birthday, celebrate a promotion, anniversary, get well or just because you are thinking of them there are no shortage of reasons to make someone’s day shine brighter! It’s a guaranteed smile.

now, that I have flowers all the time in my home, I can personally attest to how something so small can add so much happiness to your soul. I have always been into flowers, but they were always so out of reach. the selection at my grocery store was bleak and I never made the effort to try a street vendor (nor was I ever obsessed with the selection!). enter – house of lilac bouquets. having such access to these flowers with House of Lilac, every week these flowers make my house a home! seeing my house look so adorable and fresh, makes my heart do a happy dance. so do the ultimate gifting and treat yourself (and your abode)!

get your Friday bouquet by ordering before 11AM today!

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