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5 Things to Consider for Easy Entertaining at Home

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5 Things to Consider for Easy Entertaining at Home

Plan for Your Guest List

About two weeks to a month out, start thinking about who you will be inviting into your home. Who will your “guests” be? Will it be close family and friends? People from work? Who's attending is essential to consider because you want to make sure you’re catering to your guests properly. If they have been welcomed into your home prior and feel comfortable in it, the setup may be different than if it were someone’s first time.

Consider the Style of Your Gathering

While preparing your guest list, also think about what type of gathering you are putting together. What will the atmosphere or aesthetic be? What kind of décor do you want to display? What style of music will you play? Start dreaming up and imagining the event. Make playlists and mood boards based on what you are planning. The visioning process is my favorite part!

Map Out Your Venue

Decide where in your home the entertaining will take place. The location will vary depending on how many people you are inviting and the type of event that you organize. Will you need to rearrange your space? Do you have enough seating? Do you need to consider renting furniture? Will you be entertaining indoors or outdoors? Will you have enough parking?

Select a Date and Time

Once you have an idea of who’s coming, what type of party it is and where you will be hosting, you can narrow down a proper date and time. Will you be entertaining moms? Maybe a school night’s not the best. Is it a baby shower or bridal shower? Is it formal or casual? There are many factors to consider when narrowing down dates before checking guests' schedules and sending out invites.

Remember Why You're Hosting

For me, the "why" is the most important thing to ponder. We always say at The House of Gather, don’t let the planning overshadow the purpose. Our purpose is to make sure our guests feel welcome the moment they enter our space and that they enjoy great food, drinks, music and conversations throughout the entire experience. If you always remember to go back to your "why" everyone will feel the love and passion that you put into the planning process.


About The House of Gather 

 // The House of Gather: A full service event company that cultivates experiences that radiate the true essence of fun, non-traditional celebrations. Based in S. Florida, with frequent travels across the world, we are committed to creating well-crafted experiences, beautifully curated spaces, and simply unforgettable parties in both unique and local destinations. We are passionate about great food, drink, music, style and conversations and we believe in engaging our friends, families and guests in all moments. We are committed to making your planning process simple, stress free and to portray your vision in its truest form.

// Owner and Creative Director: Ashley Zuppas was born and raised on the West Coast. A true nomad at heart, she cherished living in bigger cities such as Los Angeles, New York and Las Vegas before setting her roots in South Florida. With over 15 years of experience in hospitality, plus a background in fashion, fine dining and nightlife, Ashley brings knowledge, organization and a keen eye for detail to every event.

Her easygoing spirit is just as contagious as her smile. She’s all about the heart of event planning, thinking deeply about why we gather and what it really means. She believes there’s something magical about a group of people gathering in celebration, it anchors their relationships and recharges their souls. This is why it’s one of her greatest passions to bring a client’s vision to life with unique, personal touches. 

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