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favorite vases

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working with flowers and in turn, always having fresh flowers in the house have proven to me one thing: a solid vase really elevates your game. I have also learned the value in having a variety of different type of vases on hand to create contrasting looks throughout the house. here is a roundup of my favorite vases and how I would style them.


anthropologie ‘carmen’ vase /  we have this vase in the entryway of our office and love it. it makes a statement but isn’t overpowering. this looks beautiful with a small arrangement of 4-6 floral stems.


baccarat eye vase / the gold standard of all vases, it really is a classic. this piece is stunning with or without flowers. one of our clients uses it for our weekly subscription and we fall in love every time we see it. if i could go back in time and put this on my wedding registry, i would.


littala ‘aalto’ vase / i did have this on my registry! my favorite way to rock it is with hydrangeas. also looks amazing with tulips.


hosley's white ceramic pitcher vase / my friend uses a pitcher vase in her kitchen island and it is a beautiful way to accent a kitchen. paired with a half dozen roses and you got yourself and adorable floral arrangement.


west elm oversized glass vase / one of my favorite life hacks is cutting off a giant monstera leaf from my front yard landscaping and styling it in a oversized glass vase like this. i always have a similar look on top of my fireplace mantel in my entry.


cb2 bud vase / bud vases are the truth! perfect if you have one beautiful flower and placing it on a side table or I like to put a little fresh arrangement in my guest bathroom. a bud vase is your most versatile vase in your arsenal. if you were to buy one of these suggestions, this would be my recommendation! and for the price, i would by multiple!

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