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fall + winter gift boxes and bouquets

you guys,

it's been some time since I've been on here - totally not ok but there are good reasons: 1) we found out we were pregnant again right after my last blog post (unplanned but always welcome, of course) and 2) we've spent the summer working on a new office, new collection, new brand image, new website!!!, and our newest addition, our bouquets. out with the old and in with the new. 

re: our new website. it's meant to be much more user friendly for gifters and we're hoping you love it as much as we do. feedback is always welcome!

re: the new collection - our new boxes are probably everything we've ever wanted them to be. it's pretty amazing to finally see your vision come to life so it's a big day for the house of lilac crew. thank you to those who tolerated me throughout this endeavor. you are loved more than you know! our new boxes are simple, categorized, and suit all the giftees in all the land. shop our foodie gift boxes (chocolate, cookies, caramels, cookies and cream bars - yes, this is real and they're the most delicious thing i've ever had), our hers (think hosting, spa, beauty), our his (jerky, bbq sauce, post shave), and of course, our baby boxes.  

small sweet box

 small baby girl box

all of our boxes come with your choice of fresh flower bouquet or planted succulent (shipped orders will be shipped with a dried flower selection in lieu of the flower bouquet). we're offering local hand deliveries monday, wednesday, and friday (dependent on order date) but non-delivery dates can be requested at an additional fee. and of course, as per usual, we're shipping nationwide within two business days of order processing. you can read more about our new delivery schedule in our frequently asked questions page. 

and finally, to the main event: our daily fresh floral bouquets, wrapped in kraft paper, for $45 dollars, and yes, our white hobnail ceramic vase (as seen below) and a custom message is included. die. introducing the gift box bouquets and the floral bouquets of the day has been a brand vision and goal of mine for some time, said introduction finally topping off House of Lilac gifts as depicted in my current creative state of mind (this will change in due time, of course). the somewhat increasing flower selection at whole foods and the desire to gift something easy (and on the affordable side) led me to assemble my own whimsical bouquets for some time (think dinner parties or small tokens of appreciation). but once i decided to incorporate floral bouquets into our gift boxes this past summer, the decision to launch our $45 bouquets was a no brainer. the catch - bouquets of the day will vary depending on flowers available at market that day - so flowers can't be requested. we're not trying to set ourselves apart as florists - we're just really elevated die-hard gifters with a keen eye for style and practicality. mic drop.

to celebrate our launch, we're running a special 20% off promotion for all clients (either use code loyal20 at checkout or mention loyal20 on all custom orders - which reminds me...). 

don't forget custom ordering! it's still our bread and butter and our favorite creative outlet. so if you're getting married, gifting on the corporate side (clients, donors, marketing efforts and events), just want to gift something a little more unique than what you see in our fall+winter collection or maybe mix and match our gift items in your own gift box, contact us at sayhello@houseoflilac.com. 

also, for snippets of our new office layout, follow us on instagram! we're always posting stories and pretty awesome photos. :)





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