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everyday ethos // the empty apartment

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I’ve learned that my most memorable meals have been those sitting around a table having a great conversation with friends, people I have just met or family. I grew up doing ‘sobre mesa’ with my family, which literally translates to over table, it’s the time you spend sitting at the table and chatting after the meal. I like the idea of food being a social act. I live by wood cutting boards as serve ware, Danish cookware, handmade stoneware, and porcelain. Tablecloths give a table a thoughtful touch and candles, often overlooked are always cozy, even for friendly dinners.


I’ve learned that work isn’t work if you are inspired. My inspiration comes from traveling, researching, it comes from my clients and their personalities, from having conversations with other creatives. To be inspired is the greatest gift. I live by learning something new every day. It’s impossible to know or remember everything about every historic furniture piece or every new young designer. When I find an interesting vintage piece I know nothing about, I’ll begin my research asking questions, looking online. I visit lots of trade shows and talk to other vendors. There really are no dumb questions.


I’ve learned that traveling by yourself is a great way to discover who you are, a real friend tells you if there’s something in your teeth, your parents did the best they could, your life partner should encourage you to be the best version of yourself, and the space you call home should reflect your dreams and bring you peace. I live by surrounding myself with people who enjoy a creative life, who are expressive in their beliefs, and supportive in living a life with purpose. 


I’ve learned that joy is in the process of life. So many times we just want to jump ahead and be somewhere else in our life but the process and that bumpy road are really what makes us unique in our experiences and choices. I live by listening to my heart, if I need alone time at home or feel the urge to go on an adventure or reach out to friends for happy hour because I really need that salty *Chelada I do so. I respect and enjoy my down time deeply. By taking just a step back for a minute to myself I know I can come back to a project with a new perspective and have even better, more creative ideas. 

* Chelada: Fresh lime juice in a salt-rimmed glass topped with a cold beer typically Corona.

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