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everyday ethos // maria cristina lloveras

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the 'everyday ethos' blog series is focused on setting a foundation for a belief system where we can not only give our suggestions and advice, but share the input of some of our favorite people, with the intention to make a difference.

this month... maria cristina lloveras from mcl coordination 

everyday ethos // maria cristina lloveras



I was definitely brought up to appreciate the social significance of creating and consuming food together. My family has always gathered primarily in the kitchen and I try to continue that tradition in my own small family. When I’m cooking I try avoid processed foods. To facilitate this without going crazy during the week, I utilize my freezer as a tool. When I first started cooking for the freezer in college, I would make large batches of dishes that freeze well but I found that I wasn’t too excited to eat that third frozen lasagna/ chili/ stew of the month and they ended up whithering away to freezerburn. Now I’ll make a big batch with the aim to freeze “parts” of meals; browned ground beef, fresh chicken broth, tomato sauce before adding herbs. These components can take many different directions with little effort and keep our weeknight menus easy and varied. It’s taken me years to get good at this and sometimes we have weeks where the stove doesn’t get turned on at all, but we are always happier when it does.



Last year I left a wonderful and wonderfully stable job to follow my passion and open my own small business. I would be lying if I did not say many days and nights are spent in mild panic. Even with the fears and tough moments that came with my first year of business, I have never regretted my leap. This is my dream job. My gratefulness abounds and I love sitting in that feeling of deep thanks. Doing something you love is a luxury and I am very aware of that. I try to express that feeling in my work and the energy I give my awesome clients.



People are mostly good most of the time. I try to embrace people where they are, give them lots of slack/grace, and talk to a lot of strangers. So far it has suited me pretty well. My husband and I are going on ten years together which is crazy to think about. I try to feed that relationship. Someone once told me that a spirit of service and generosity pays dividends. I have learned that to be universally true.



We have it so good. My sister and my husband are both incredible at highlighting life’s small joys and I have tried to become more like them in that way. Life’s joys aren’t always vacations, adventures, and luxury. Appreciating your air conditioning, your nourishing lunch, your comfy pillows, that’s the good stuff.


mcl coordination is a full-service wedding and event planning company organizing beautiful and personalized events in miami, florida. 

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