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every day ethos . dara smith from DSR Creative & first look blog

this month’s everyday ethos is brought to you by dara lynn smith of DSR Creative and The First Look Blog. dara shares an office space with us and we are lucky to hear her thoughts on life daily. our version of ‘coffee talk’  pretty much centers on the power of attraction, the universe and how to be your best self. we think she's pretty awesome and know you will think so too! without further ado - 

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What You’ve Learned And What You Live By


I’ve learned: It’s a journey. I’m constantly learning about food. I take a lot of care in what I put in my body during the week. (The weekends are a total wash, but I’m cool with that). I feel the best when I limit refined carbs and go heavy on proteins and juices/smoothies. I’m like a baby when it comes to fruits and veggies and tend to avoid them except in pureed form.

My favorite smoothie to make at home is:
¼ c orange juice
1 banana
A handful of frozen berries
1 c of nonfat Greek yogurt

I still haven’t mastered a green juice recipe, but I love the Kale-a- Gator smoothie from Redboost (the smoothie shop in Redbike spin studio). I also like to add maca powder or bee pollen for immune boosting and mood lifting!

What I live by: Listening to my body. I used to avoid “bad foods”, but realized I couldn’t stop thinking about them. It’s very hard to be productive when all you think about is pizza. Now, if I want something, I have it, but the cravings are less frequent when I know I’m not restricted. I also need to eat by 11 am or I’m a walking Snickers commercial. Actually crazy. Steer clear.


I’ve learned: Trust your intuition. If something feels off, it is. Don’t bother working on something that doesn’t light a fire inside you (unless you have no choice then no judgment there). That said, don’t let fear prevent you from doing the work you’re meant to do.

What I live by: Be nice to people. Karma is a real thing. I have no interest in getting ahead if it means treating someone poorly and that includes myself. I want to build my business around love, positivity and being of service.


What I’ve learned and what I live by: Your most important relationship is yourself. It sounds cheesy, but if you love and nurture yourself, all your relationships will improve. I take “treat yourself” to a whole new level. I meditate daily, write in a journal and take long baths with Epsom salts. I also go to Luv, the cutest little nail shop in Midtown, for a bi-weekly mani/pedi. The shop is built around the concept of self-love and Vanessa, the owner, is the sweetest. She gives you blankets, pillows and infused water! The shop also offers nail art. My favorite design is the evil eye as a daily reminder to stomp out negativity.


What I’ve learned and what I live by: It’s a choice. It won’t come from a relationship, a promotion or purchase. It’s something you need to work on every day and prioritize as your most important work. You can choose to hold onto grudges, harbor animosity and be jealous, but you’re the only person who suffers from that line of thinking.

Sometimes it’s hard to be the bigger person, but recognize we’re all human and deserve a break. Ask yourself, “Would I rather be right or be happy?” For me, happiness always wins. If you need a reminder to stay in the light, save a positive affirmation as your phone backdrop. Your mood will immediately improve and it will impact everyone around you. Dead serious. Try it. I do it every day.

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