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Hosting with Flowers

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Hosting with Flowers

photo by Katie Lopez Photography

We often get asked exactly how to entertain at home with flowers, mainly because flowers are intimidating for most people. They don't know how much to buy, what kinds to buy, what will last the longest. They don't know what vase to use, overestimating the size vase they need EVERY SINGLE TIME. So I've put together a few questions we ask every time we speak to clients, all of which I think you'll find useful to ask yourself when you're entertaining at home and want to spruce up your space with beautiful flowers. 

Question No. 1: how many people will you be hosting? This seems pretty obvious but rule of thumb, the more people you have, the more vessels/vases you'll typically need. 


Question No. 2: how many tables or surfaces will you be entertaining with? We also suggest one floral per table - so for instance, if you have 1 dinner table, one appetizer table, and one dessert table, try and have some floral at every table. 

Question No. 3: how much do you want to spend? We tell our clients all the time, you don't have to spend a lot of money on flowers to elevate a room. But everyone has a different price point and thus, we always suggest different options to different clients. If you're looking for something more simple and less expensive, decorate with bud vases. They're simple and always require less flowers than a larger mouth vase. Bud vases are great for accent tables (such as dessert tables or buffet tables), bathrooms, and grouped together are really beautiful as runners down a table. Now, if you're looking for a more rich, lush look, style with either full-on arrangements or green garlands. We always recommend vases with round, scooped openings (they hold the stems much better than sharp-edged vases) and rule of thumb: a 3 inch circumference goes A LONG WAY. If you're swooning over the garland look (trust me, we always are), just make sure you have a long rectangle table you can style it on. Any other shape won't do it justice! 

photo by Katie Lopez Photography

photo courtesy of Phyto 

Question No. 4what's your color palette? Every event is so different and every room is so different. And of course, every occasion calls for different colors. Baby shower for a boy? We recommend whites, greens, neutrals, touches of blue, maybe yellow. A simple dinner party with guests? Think of your space. What colors would complement your dining room? Is your furniture light? We'd recommend bright and moodier colors that pop. Is your furniture darker? Add some white to lighten the room. 

 photo by KG Ohh Snap

Question No. 5: how many arrangements should I decorate with? Less is more! Full on arrangements, we recommend one per 60 inch table (and our petites are literally the perfect size). Anything above 60 inches, we'd suggest 2 arrangements. Bud vases we'd recommend about 1 for accent tables and 2-3 for 60 inch dinner tables. Anything above 60 inches, we'd recommend a few more. 


photo by Katie Lopez Photography

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