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a very merry december currently

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holiday decor

it's holiday season and we're feeling the vibe. so we're switching things up with melanie's holiday gift guide and cristie's favorite christmas things. 

melanie's holiday gift guide

gifts under $50 (teachers, secret santa, colleagues, holiday hosts!)

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for business contacts & volume gifting

under $100

house of lilac x bake bar miami hot chocolate gift box

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for holiday, christmas eve or christmas day decor

cristie's favorite christmas things  

yes, i live for the holidays! no lie! i have an ongoing list on my iphone called "holidays," so whenever i get an incredible holiday idea in the month of june or in no man’s holiday time, i can take note! as soon as september ends (my most hated months in the calendar year are august and september. this is a known fact to those close to me) and the day turns into my beloved october 1, it's time to start playing christmas music and watching my cheesy hallmark movies all night long. i mean, i love halloween and always kill it with my costume and my birthday and thanksgiving are typically either the same day or weekend, so yes, i am all about those holidays too, but there is nothing to me like christmas! maybe it's because my love language is gifting and seeing people gift thoughtful gifts and just all the nostalgia that comes with the season really speaks to me! so instead of my typical currently blog post, i am going to spread my christmas knowledge and spirit with all my favorite holiday things. here we go!

favorite holiday traditions
  • my friends' secret santa exchange, which we take very seriously with a theme and a nice lunch or dinner. i had it at my house about two years ago, and it was pajama-themed. we made slippers and had a cozy lasagna dinner. 
  • my parents still put "from santa" on all my gifts, and i get a stocking (no matter my age. this is never allowed to change! sorry, i am not sorry.) 
  • wrapping all my gifts while watching love actually typically the day before christmas eve
  • christmas cards - there is no one who loves receiving christmas cards more than me! even though i have no children, you better believe i still send these out. here is mine from last year. please send me your christmas cards, people! 
favorite holiday movies
  • melanie and i are both obsessed with the pure joy that is a christmas movie. bad acting, no budgets, terrible and convoluted storylines speak to me. i think i average one christmas movie every two days. here are a few of my favorites right now:
    • the princess switch - netflix big-budget christmas movie of the season with vanessa hudgens. fake countries and accents, people who mysteriously look identical to each other, running in the snow in a strapless dress to a gazebo and of course a scene involving horses. this is pure christmas movie magic.
    • merry kissmass - how can i describe this masterpiece? let’s just say the ending scene says it all. nothing about this movie makes sense in the best possible way. also, i am starting a campaign over where does barkley go post-adoption day?! he gets adopted, and then they spend the rest of the day without him!!!!!! 
    • the spirit of christmas - falling in love with a ghost that lives in an old hotel. yes, this is the premise. just go with it.
if you share the passion for holiday movies - i cannot recommend this podcast enough: the most wonderful pod of the year. jackie durruthy is one of my best friends, and i can personally vouch for her being one of the funniest humans on planet earth. i listen to this podcast the moment it comes out, that’s how much i look forward to it. 
here is the description on their itunes page:
do you find yourself watching christmas movies (any and all of them year-round)? do you hum 'jingle bells' while you pee? do you text back 'ho ho ho' instead of 'ha ha ha'? well, you're in good company! so do comedians jackie gonzalez-durruthy and ross kimball. join these human-sized elves as they navigate the wintery wonderland of lesser-known christmas movies. jump on santa's sleigh and join them as they talk with their special guests about the movies guaranteed to put you in the holiday spirit. so put out the milk & cookies, put on your flannel pajamas, and celebrate the most wonderful time of year with your new favorite christmas podcast! it truly is the most wonderful pod of the year!
i have so much to add to this list, but melanie is upset at me because i am not working and just laughing to myself writing this post. please message me if you have any recommendations in this genre - i am all ears.
favorite holiday songs
  • this one is mine and my sister's favorite song. when we lived under the same roof and went with my mom to buy our family christmas tree, we would pump this jam up — destiny child's: doesn’t it feel like christmas. the eight days of christmas gifts are truly wild ranging from diamond belly ring to a clk mercedes. 
  • love this jam. if you watched the netflix billy murray christmas special, maya rudolph kills her rendition of “christmas (please come home).” 
  • you can’t go through a christmas season without listening to some *nsync - merry christmas, happy holidays.
  • ok, i have so much more to add to this, i am going to make a christmas playlist on my spotify - hol christmas. 
gift wrap 
  • this might fall under traditions, but i always have my gift wrap reflect some portion of my year. for example, the year i went to africa on my honeymoon i used this gorgeous wrapping paper. last year i was obsessed with my recent trip to japan, so i used some christmas washi tape i bought there with a bunch of fun stickers. this year, i am obsessed with my doggies, so you better believe the gift wrap will reflect!

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