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December Currently. Holiday Gift Guide Edition.

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December Currently. Holiday Gift Guide Edition.

Would it even be HOL without a Holiday Gift Guide? Of course, not. This year, we're breaking down our favorite HOL gifts and telling you why you should gift thoughtfully. 

First off, I want you to peruse the chart below, 1) because it took me forever on CANVA, and 2) because it will help you figure out whether reading this Gift Guide is for you. 

The idea is that most everyone buys the same kinds of gifts every year - clothes, jewelry, some article of clothing or possession that gets stashed away in their closet or worn a few times, but nothing too impactful. So we've gone ahead and selected our 4 favorite HOL gifts to gift this holiday season, explaining why they rock and why you should take the plunge this season. 

1. A Flower Subscription

The chances that a male is reading this might be slim but ladies, if this is something you want, please share the article with them. We've been in the flower biz for almost 3 years now and I can tell you nothing makes our clients happier than subscription days. Some stroll into the shop and pick their flowers from the stem bar (which changes every week by the way) while some let us choose the flowers and have them delivered. Whether they pick the flowers or not though, two thing's are for sure: they gift themselves a dose of happiness and give their space the attention and beautifying it deserves. YOU DESERVE IT. DO THIS FOR YOURSELF.


2. Flower Club Membership

This membership doesn't get enough love yet because it just underwent some tweaking (price drop!), so we sort of took it off the shelf to overanalyze its format. But it's back! And we're ready to sell the heck out of it (2020, here we come). 

In a nutshell, I started this membership program because through my work and my own journey, I realized women needed to have more compassion for themselves. From the moment I left my corporate job and became an entrepreneur and a mom (at the same time), I was nothing but hard on myself. I beat myself up every day. IT was exhausting and I know you know what I'm talking about. Until the day I put my foot down and started to value myself for all the wrongs, rights, slow entrepreneur days, frustrating mom days. All of the messy and the imperfections. That moment changed my life significantly (and yes, it was a moment) because it taught me to step into my power and bore this membership program. 

Flower Club is made up of monthly intentions that encourage members to step into their own power all month, through different exercises (i.e., relinquishing control, stepping into the uncomfortable), weekly curated emails and content that uplift, encourage, and empower, and a private Facebook Community. I know I'm biased but honestly, it's worth every dime. And it's only $75! If you're ready to feel better in your skin or know someone that would LOVE this, do yourself or them a favor, and purchase here

3. Workshop Seat in 2020

So many of you have called and asked us if we have any workshops available in 2020 and because #smallbusinesslife, we haven't set up our 2020 calendar yet. BUT we're offering Flower Workshop GIFT CARDS that are good for any workshop all year! Which we thought was FANTASTIC because the recipient can check in on the calendar whenever they fancy and see what dates and what workshops sound best to them. You can purchase the gift card here

4. Private Workshop

Last but not least, a private workshop. Now hear me out. These are SO MUCH FUN. They're great for team building, girls' night outs, cousin night outs, you name it, they're a great idea. So if you're already gifting to a group of women or friends this holiday season, why not gift them each a seat at your curated private workshop? You guys bring the wine and the snacks, we bring the instruction, the flowers, and the space. It's a gift they'll always remember! You can purchase your workshop here and if you already have a date in mind, call us and we'd be happy to confirm availability. 

(p.s. Because you read this far down (and are so, so wonderful!), we'd love to offer you a 10% off any of the above gifts through the 10th of this month with code blog10. Happy Gifting!)

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