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currently september

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hi september! we're gearing up for season. especially the holidays. and working on staying alive and positive through all of it. check out our new 'about us' video, shot by the amazing sisi smit. this company has evolved so much over the past few years and i finally feel like we're onto something. stay tuned for big things to come and thank you for following along, always. 


melanie is currently…

obsessing over

audio books: especially in the car. BUT it has to be the right "author" reading the book (i would research whether the author is good enough). i'm 85 and didn't realize this but there's an 'ibook' app on your iphone that allows you to purchase them directly to your phone and it's been a lifesaver! 

feng shui: i want to bring an expert into my house and our workspace. apparently the right energy in your space brings about better creativity, better moods. and we all know i'm all about anything woo woo. listen to this podcast if you want to learn more. 

my new workout schedule: i made one! i've been attending pilates every tuesday and thursday morning at 6:30am with one of my amazing friends, nicole. and i'm happy to say it's consistent and i'm feeling so much better about myself. TBH having her go at that time holds me so accountable to the regimen and if i had to do it alone, i'm not really sure i'd go as often. i have an amazing/terrible knack for craving early AM's in my house to work on emails and other computer work before the kids wake up and i would very easily opt out of working out if i were given the chance. so if you're looking for a regimen, my advice is to find a friend to go with. it makes you so much more willing to actually get your but up and go. i also try to make it to buddha shack yoga in the gables for jenna's buddha burn class whenever i can because it's SUCH a good class cardio wise AND meditation wise. i literally sweat and stretch the stress and worry out every single class - it's exactly what you think yoga should be. 

• organization: this is very much interconnected with my feng shui topic above but i'm a huge believer and proponent of "everything has it's place." my house is pretty organized and i'm always looking for ways of throwing old things out and making space for clarity and new items. but there's always ways of making organizing easier and i'm into finding those things - bins, baskets, etc. 

wellness: you're going to LOL but for those that don't know, my brother is graduating with his naturopathic medicine degree next year and he's my go-to for anything holistic. he prescribed ashwaganda and eleuthero for me to boost my energy levels (which have been low) and my immune system. it takes about two weeks to start working - i'm only a week in but feeling so much better about myself already. if you're into herbs and natural healing, i'd totally recommend them. i'm also thinking about and eyeing these vitamins from goop - i'm giving myself to the 15th of the month to pull the trigger. 


RHO Dallas: this has to be my favorite housewives series. the women are hilarious and their interactions are priceless. think 'i'm really trying to be a good person but i honestly can't stand you so i'm going to be a royal b*tch on TV and i don't care what anyone thinks." it fills my small quota of unnecessary drama for the week. i've been slacking on the other housewife series' because i've been reading like a crazy person! see below. 

• netflix movies!!!!!! to all the boys i've loved before, the guernsey literary and potato peel pie society. there's also one titled like father that i want to watch. some other suggestions by friends: grace and frankie, the staircase (if you're into creepy documentaries). 


a haircut: will get one by the next currently. i'm going short and low maintenance. 

this home base binder for my new obsession with home organization: i mean do i really need it? probably not. will it add value to my life? of course. hopefully permanently. chances are temporarily. but i'll take it. am also giving myself until the 15th of the month to pull this trigger. 

• a quip: i use an Oral B electronic toothbrush and am 100% CONVINCED it's messed up my gums. i was told by my dentist that i might need gum surgery (they're starting to recede?!) at some point soon and the amazing revelation only came to be after i started using it. in the toothbrush's defense, i'm sure i was using it incorrectly and being too rough on my teeth and that mixed with subconscious stress biting has led to my gums hating every ounce of me. pray for me. anyway, the quip is supposed to be amazing and one of the best and most gentle electronic toothbrushes on the market right now. 

listening to

audiobooks: all business related but i love a good self-help book: Built to Sell, The Third Door, and Good to Great.  the Third Door is a must read/listen-to because it shows you that to really make it in life requires grit and perseverance and a lot of patience. 

• podcasts: goop and second life are really doing it for me these days.  goop is always featuring leading edge thinkers and professionals that talk about everything from spirituality to nutrition to sex. it's such a good way to educate yourself on a relevant topic. and second life host, hilary kerr, co-founder of who, what, wear, is always interviewing female entrepreneurs who embarked on a second life (second career) to find their true calling. both make me feel much smarter at the end of the week and that's a win, win. 


a lot of Miami's Best Pizza. because for anyone that's local, they're back after closing for about 2 years. and back with a vengeance - they're using the same oven that's renown for making their dough so good. please go and try their meat lovers. it's everything.  


• the journey of souls

• just finished: a place for us (1000% recommend), and next on the list: twelve lives of samuel hawley, grit and work party. also want to read: next year in havana, shoe dog

working on

•  detachment to everything. and not trying to force certain outcomes and leave things to faith. 

cristie is currently…

tired AF. just came home from my best friend's bachelorette in casa de campo and i am SPENT but also gloriously tan. also, no ifs buts about it i am getting global entry. hell is a place called customs in mia airport and i am just NOT going to take it on anymore! next week i am headed to tulsa, oklahoma for a wedding in which the invitation states there will be man eating anacondas and helicopters with a full music festival so looks like no rest till TULSA (in beastie boys beat). more on that next currently... also, i just read melanie's currently and i am so stressed with her new organization phase which has apparently really taken a hold during this labor day weekend. who knows what tomorrow will bring to me in my new feng shui's office - no day is every the same in HOL!

obsessing over

• what am i obsessed with, i feel like i am obsessed with everything and anything i come across but right now it just isn't coming to me (vacation brain still on). i guess i am obsessed with *currently* being in my pajamas in my own bed with the AC on 68 degrees tucked in with my computer on my lap.

• wait scratch that, i am obsessed with serena williams. i watched being serena on my plane ride back from portland, oregon and WOW - serena, you are my true idol in life. she has the mind of a champion and will never give up, never starts working on her game and her overall mental attitude and deep feminism really resonated with me. needless to say, i am rooting for her at the us open with all the #fangirl i have in me. she is the greatest female athlete of all time, no question! 

• nike - again, this comes from being in portland aka nike hq and just loving the brand. serena williams (my girl) is a brand ambassador too and i love the campaigns they do praising her. and my obsession with this campaign is unmatched - so on point & current. really shows what a big message advertising can carry and i am so glad nike uses its brand voice to communicate big messages. 


• every netflix romantic comedy possible. i love them all but especially - all the boys i have loved before because peter kravinsky is a total babe, angel sweetie. also loved - the gurnesey literary and potato peel pie society (not sure if thats the correct name because 0% chance i get that right when i say it outloud). netflix, please keep giving me these movies!

• felicity - because i am living in 1999. also, i don't have cable so the way i watch tv is truly bizarre but leads me to discover gems like felicity, which fun fact was produced and written by jj abrams before he was JJ ABRAMS. it's such a time capsule to the turn on the millenium - i love it.

• crazy rich asians - i loved this movie (and book series!) so much. take me to singapore ASAP please and thank you!


• a thunderstorm and a good nap during it. can you tell i am tired? maybe i should just go to sleep.

• an essential oil starter kit. i want to embrace this wellness trend but i am overwhelmed to start. would love if someone gave me a tutorial... just going to put it out there....

listening to

•  podcasts, npr and howard stern - this area of currently really doesn't change. once a talk radio girl, always a talk radio girl. 


• like a savage. it's time to make #betterchoices. off to trader joes i go!

• also, let me point out that i have tried to do miami spice 2 times this season and have ended up spending more than 200$ for 2 people with miami spice. how does this happen to MEEEE


• still getting through A Place For Us, which i am loving. 

• from my trip to portland aka nike land, i was inspired to pick up Shoe Dog and i am 50 pages in and obsessed. its like a really fantastic How I Built this episode but so much more too. phil knight is my hero. could not recommend this book enough to the point of when i landed from casa de campo in the FLL airport this afternoon the first thing i did was text melanie to get this book & read it. 

working on

•  having a good attitude, being a good wife, friend, sister, daughter, aunt & coworker! helping melanie and house of lilac grow to the next step (always exciting!!!!). 

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