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currently november 2017

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i won't bore you too much with my antics but the blog has been somewhat radio silent because we've had SO MUCH GOING ON. growing pains at their finest but i wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. growth is good. i'm featuring a solo currently this month along with some photos from Alexander's 2nd birthday. can't believe he's already two, or that i have two babies to be honest, but mostly that he's so big and speaking like a real human. 

melanie is currently...

obsessing over

  • my christmas tree, which i will reveal over the next week on instagram - i'm missing a few ornaments that will make it look spectacular.
  • meal planning for the week and precooking for the week twice a week. you guys, i run an extremely fast-paced moving business and household (I thrive off of this, by the way - please don't think you're abnormal for not being this way). we've been having some dinner issues as of late because the last thing Alex and I want to do when we get home is stand over a stove and cook for everyone. it's just exhausting and takes away from time spent with the kids. so we're trying to cook sunday for sunday-tuesday, and wednesday for wednesday + thursday. we're still getting into the vibe of things but any suggestions are very much appreciated. we try not to use the same recipes all the time to give ourselves and the kids a little bit of variety so if any of you have any recipes you think are quick and great to store in the fridge, email me!  
  • my newly air conditioned garage and foyer - both need organization and styling help so these are my next home projects to tackle. 
  • the patio furniture i bought on amazon for $300. it's been rained on so many times already i'm glad i didn't pay more for it. and the bistro lights we put up! we can now enjoy the 6 days of cool miami weather over the next few months. 
  • my christmas lights!
  • the holidays!! and our holiday gift collection!!

thinking about

  • our trip to disney world at the end of the month with the kids - should i be excited or scared? trips with children are more work than being home. but at least this one involves constant entertainment for my children at every turn. i'm thinking positive about this. 
  • the 8x8 foot wooden table i want to build for my patio. 
  • whether or not stitch fix is for me? don't judge me. i don't have time to shop. and when i shop, i shop in bulk or spend too much money on shoes (which is a total me thing to do - i love shoes). i understand that buying things overtime is the way to go. but my spare time is dedicated to my toddlers and the last place i want to take them to is the mall. that sounds terrible actually. and yes, i know online shopping exists but it's very overwhelming. one of my hey mama moms suggested i try stitch fix and the first round of clothes just arrived yesterday. i was a fan of 3/5 of the pieces - jeans and two tops - both of which i can totally wear to work. so i'm happy with the results. but i do love the idea of an affordable, personalized stylist experience for myself. i'm pretty fashion forward and appreciate good pieces so am a little torn. weirdly enough, i wrote this, went to go link hey mama 5 sentences ago and came across this company on their home page. she's a new york based stylist that skypes and charges by the hour. does anyone in miami want to do this, please?!!!!!!!! i might contact her. i'll keep you guys posted. 
  • a self-love collab with the AB Method in about two months, right before Valentine's Day! stay tuned for new on this one. it's going to be amazing. 


  • curb your enthusiasm - larry david kills me. 
  • HGTV - i'm on a nice fixer upper, buying and selling, good bones, house hunters run. this will end soon. my TV obsessions are very fleeting. 


  • oh god. a celine crossbody bag, a gucci crossbody (i'm into the cross bodies - it supports my fast moving personality) navy chanel flats (these are amazing investments, for anyone that's been wanting to pull the trigger), my personal stylist (haha) my new foyer and organized garage. i'm always adding to the list. it will happen. 

listening to

  • abraham hicks. always. 
  • podcasts - how i built this, the longest shortest time, that's so retrograde!!!
  • holiday music. obviously. 
  • this is sad but i listen to 'charting now' on apple music. i'm just a fan of facilitating my life, and that includes my music playlists, my dry clean deliveries, and my home eyelash appointments. 


  • much better than i was months ago. lots of whole foods home cooked meals. except i ate shake shack yesterday but that's good for you, too. on occasion. 


working on

  • going on more dates with my hubs. we went on one last week and are trying to get better about not talking about our kids or work when we're on them. it was still nice! 
  • myself. always. spiritually, emotionally, physically. loving myself more and knowing my self-worth ALWAYS.
photography: carolina guzik
kids play area: todo kids
venue: my house!
food: the one and only, whisk catering
favors: amazon. obviously. 

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