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melanie is currently...

obsessing over

 the seventeen cookbooks i just bought. this one. this one. this one. this one. this means i'm really old, right? and no i didn't purchase them on amazon. i purchased them at books & books, our local bookstore! support local, people! 

• revamping my wardrobe. i threw out 75% of my closet after i had the kids. not because things didn't fit me but because i wasn't wearing any of it and because i read something somewhere (i might have heard it on that's so retrograde) about throwing out old clothes as a way of cleaning energy. like that portion of my life is gone and this is the new "me" so i'm making way for the new me and my new wardrobe. this purge included throwing out my attorney work clothes, which was freeing. now i just need to buy the new wardrobe. i'm looking for comfy, stylish, every day, "hi i'm a creative", clothes. like madewell, sea, golden goose, topshop?

 target. for my kids' clothes (cat & jack all day!) and the opal house home line. i bought this pillow this past weekend for our home office and love it. 


 the real housewives (always) - potomac - if you're not watching this, you need to, if for anything at all to realize "living in potomac" is an actual thing. and nyc because, it's NYC and it's actually comedy hour. 

 nate and jeremiah by design (you guys, i just realized what i watch is terrible compared to cristie's picks. i'm laughing writing this. lolololol). my life is sad. 


 a vacation. (on a beach so my children can run free without my fearing for their safety). 

 cristie's madewell pants. i need some summer pants. i'm really into these sea pants, too (the whole outfit actually - i LOVE the brand). but i'm also really into saving my money? the struggle is real. 

listening to

• podcasts, like cristie. bitch sesh, how i built this, second life, that's so retrograde, the lively show, the life coach school, marie forleo, almost 30. and i, like she, am also a victim of podcast ads. need a great bra? check out third love. cristie has other fantastic recommendations in her april currently post. 

• i'm also listening to latin radio on itunes music. it's my new favorite radio station. especially maluma and his new album. other HOL shop radio stations: hamilton, the musical, greatest showman, the musical, charting now, pure pop, sometimes we listen to cristie's dad's spotify playlist (fleetwood mac, elton john, neil diamond). 


 check out recipe roundup no. 2. but i figured out a rhythm to our meal planning - pasta meals last the longest (obviously), and throwing in one morning prep crockpot meal is ideal. i tried cooking a lot of food on sunday for the week but i had instances where the food didn't taste the best after storing it for 2 days in the fridge. you live you learn. but i'll move on from this adult conversation to spare my younger, more vibrant audience. 

 obsessed with trader joe's and how much money it's saving me. we purchase: bread, fruits and veggies, cheese, butter, milk, cereal, ground turkey, organic chicken, cereal bars, wine, ice cream sandwiches!!! 

 new favorite coffee shop alert! cafe curuba in the gables. would totally recommend their matcha latte with soy milk and their pan de bono with guava. omg. the ultimate. 


 you guys i'm actually getting through a book!!! the intuitive way by penny pierce. it's about connecting with your intuition so if you're into that stuff, i'd totally recommend it. 

working on

 some new transitions for HOL. good ones. growing! stay tuned. 

 a blog post on grief. i feel like this needs to happen. i lost my dog chloe two weeks ago and it's been a rough one. and i have so much to say about it. it's so taboo and people don't talk about it but it's so necessary. missing my pup like no other. but it's life, right?

cristie is currently...

cristie's current state:  living for the start of summer which, to me, is happening right now. love this part of summer where it's just starting and am building my tan and i still enjoy being outside and in the water. it's the best!

obsessing over

 donald glover aka childish gambino aka my angel.... i am obsessed with him! this is all started this weekend when i was watching saturday night live and i laughed so hard i had tears (this sketch & this sketch especially). he proceeded to performed as childish gambino and i was total heart eyes emojis. then i was alerted by the internet to his new music video and i was just shook. he is totally having a moment right now AND I AM HERE FOR IT. also, i just love his dance moves and he's playing simba in the new lion king movie. it's too much!!!!


 okay this is a total random but i am watching the show mom on hulu. i have no cable so whatever hulu presents me i give a chance, and i am here to say whatever algorithm they have on me works because i am loving this show. it is so sweet, great little sitcom! 

 real housewives because i just can't give them up. i love them. 


 to travel. but i think this is happening soon! i am making it happen soon. 

 to clean out my whole house and somehow sell stuff i don't want and make money for aforementioned travel. obviously i know there are ways to do all of this, it's just a matter of me doing it and i WANT to do, just can't commit to doing it. ugh. 

listening to

• podcast all day all night! once you go talk radio, it's hard to go back... i have a whole schedule: monday - armchair expert tuesday - anna farris is unqualified thursday - bitch sesh. everyday - the daily and xm radio (howard stern + radio andy). 


 also into trader joe's. best place ever, especially if you are a new cook like myself. they have directions and ideas on all items to inspire you and just practical items! house of lilac loves trader joe's!

• kettle corn. we just got a new kettle corn vendor and they dropped off samples and i have been tearing through that popcorn like nobodies business! it's the perfect balance of salty sweet aka my favorite type of treat ever. 


wait, i've read this month...proud of me!!!!

 crazy rich asians - easy, fun read! fascinating take on the titular crazy rich asians. i am down to be a crazy rich asian, that is for sure!

 halfway through born a crime. trevor noah (daily show) is a born storyteller. he interweaves through stories of his childhood/ his apartheid experience with both comedy and such insightful analysis - i am just digging it. important book to read but also a great book to read!

working on

 still selling my car...

 committing to cleaning and organizing! 

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