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currently june

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melanie is currently...

obsessing over

 these madewell jeans (thanks, cristie for the recommendation)

these jcrew pants (the best summer pants!)

 the half baked harvest cookbook. do yourself a favor and purchase it for your home. we've made a few recipes from here and love it!


 the worst cooks in america, celebrity addition. i DIE of laughter watching this, because a good chunk of them are comedians. 

 SOUTHERN CHARM. on bravo. is everything. 

there isn't much to report here because i'm actually 25% through a fiction novel and really proud of this. 


 for cristie to sell all of my old clothes on poshmark so that i can buy myself golden goose sneakers (lol)

 to get to my harbour island, bahamas vacation in July! me, the beach, and a nice cold kalik. I CANNOT WAIT. 

listening to

• podcasts - the usual: bitch sesh, how i built this, second life, that's so retrograde, the life coach school AND MY NEW OBSESSION the goop podcast. new podcast ads i've fallen victim to? lola tampons. because who doesn't appreciate organic hygiene?  


 had whisk way too many times over the past week. and with reason - it's one of the best restaurants in the somi area. 

 Trader Joe's 'hold the cone!' ice cream cones. because they're less than 200 calories and worth every bite.


 I'd like to report that I JOINED A BOOKCLUB. so now I'm being held accountable on finishing a book and I am halfway through The Last Mrs. Parrish. I'll let you know how it is once I finish it - I have mixed feelings about it (it's very gone girlish but the characters are a little bit frustrating and they're currently giving me anxiety). 

working on

 as if I had a lot of time on my hands, I also started a business accelerator course almost two weeks ago (I'm laughing right now because only me). wish me luck. I have 10 weeks left!!

cristie is currently...

obsessing over

 selling all my belonging and purging/organizing my life in the summer. i spent my memorial day weekend in miami (which btw, i will never do again because it was raining like crazy & my cabin fever with everyones traveling instastories was real) and due to the aforementioned rain, i decided to marie kondo my whole house. literally i put my whole closet on my floor and decided what to keep, donate and what to sell. i have collected so much clothes throughout the years, it' outrageous. anyways, now i am side hustling like crazy selling my items - check out my poshmark store here (lol). this is just the tipping point - i plan on taking my talents to tradesy, pinecrest market, ebay, craigslist and any other place i can sell sell sell! i feel so productive and hopefully RICH! 

 the ROYAL WEDDING. not over this, will never be over this. i was committed to the royal wedding. i had the justin timberlake concert the night before (epic) got home at 12:30am, went to sleep, woke up at 5am put on my tiara and headed to a viewing party. waking up to my instagram proclaiming THE QUEEN OF AMERICA HAS ARRIVED with a picture of Oprah just makes my world go round. also the ceremony was absolutely beautiful. this rendition of stand by me brought tears to my eyes. the carriage ride + the royal family waving them off at the church... just everything!!!! i am an anglophile and proud of it. 


 okay, so ever since i decided to cut the chord (no cable - just basic + streaming services) i watch tv totally differently and just binge the most random things. my latest was happy endings. wherever hulu leads me - I GO. 

 ibiza - movie on netflix, which is a romantic comedy taking place in ibiza (duh) with gillian jacobs, vanessa bayer and my new obsession richard madden (cinderella + game of thrones). this movie made me want to PARTYY with my best friends but also fall in love with a DJ that looks and acts exactly like richard madden. maybe i should have included him in my obsession category because i truly am - something about his arms and back on that dj booth that i REALLY responded to plus his eyes, smile, accent... i can go on and on and on. he passed the hemsworth brothers as my number 1 hunk right now. 

 david letterman - my next guest needs no introduction with howard stern. howard stern is my guy and this is a fantastic interview of him! he really changed the world. 


 to travel to ibiza and party. or just to travel in general. i am going to bahamas and portland this summer but i need more more more!

 jenni kayne shoes  in the pony hair mule. they have a campaign out called "whats your uniform" and i totally want to incorporate these into my uniform once i sell all my old clothes (goal - reward).

listening to

• newest podcast obsession: the goop podcast. yes, i am a disciple of gweneth paltrow (sue me!) and everything she does! love this podcast and i learn something new from it every week. 


 it feels like three chefs and a chicken everyday for lunch. god, i love that sweet potato stacker. 

• my favorite thai place, asian thai kitchen, which is located inside a kwik mart on grand avenue. their tom yum gai soup is incredible and i get it thai hot!

madruga bakery egg sandwiches. this is what my saturday morning dreams are made of - best egg sandwich in the game (sorry mom, i like yours too).


 i am now in a book club with melanie and we have to read this book called "the last mrs. parrish" in three weeks. i have gotten to the step that i ordered the book on amazon and it arrived in my mailbox yesterday. i have a feeling this is going to take me back to my academic years of cramming a book in 2 days before the book club meeting. 

working on

• grounding myself. i am all over the place with my ADHD (diagnosed since a youngen people!). apparently, i need to meditate and improve my focus. so i got the app headspace and i was on a roll for like 6 days and now i have taken a 4 day break BUT i am WORKING ON THIS. i credit this to oprah's interview on goop podcast - damn, that woman is evolved. 

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